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Red Sea Travel Agency

PERIODS. They happen. Let’s all bloody talk about them. Hundreds of people get them when they’re at festivals. Some of us have been there and it can be a hassle – which is why we’ve developed a dedicated space for people who menstruate and people who don’t but want to learn more: The Red Sea Travel Agency, “A weekend trip away with the monthlies.”

Let us transport you to an oasis of calm for the perfect holiday destination. We provide all inclusive package holidays where you will find workshops and talks such as Period up your Pants: a crafty workshop to decorate and make your knickers fabulous and many more.

Once inside you’ll find a calm and comfy space with hot water bottles to hand, teas and a “squishy corner”; a dedicated space providing eye masks and ear plugs for those that want some time out; and not least of all the “Hot Flushes” – toilets with sinks to clean your menstrual cup.

But most importantly this is an education and information hub for everyone! Facts and stats adorn the walls for those who want to find out more about periods…for everything you wanted to know but were too shy to ask. Head to our Adventures In Utopia blog to find out more!

What's On at Red Sea Travel Agency?