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The Pink Flamingo Jazz Club

Welcome to our secret hidden late night jazz club, a venue unlike any other at Shambala Festival. A secret location and an even more secret line up… as in they don’t even tell us whose playing 

This surreal and smoky wonderland with a strict 150-person capacity is a celebration of jazz and improvised music in all its glory, with a diverse range of performers spanning different eras and styles. 

What makes our venue truly special is the rare opportunity it provides to appreciate late-night live music in absolute silence, allowing for an immersive and intimate experience that connects you with the performers and the music on a deeper level. 

As you pass through the velvet curtain, you’ll feel the warm and inclusive atmosphere, the twinkling of a real grand piano, and maybe some of the top musicians in the country…

What's On at The Pink Flamingo Jazz Club?