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The Waiting Room

You might say that the whole world is a stage. And we might say that The Waiting Room is a smaller stage, within that very big stage. A stage that is actually a tent, transformed, for just a few spectacular nights of the year.  Shambala’s worst kept secret, a hidden gem in plain sight. 

Across the many years and incarnations of The Waiting Room, trepidatious visitors-turned-astounded-playmates have described it as ‘the weird tent’. They’ve asked ‘what’s going on?’ or ‘who’s in charge?’, and ‘is this that amazing, interactive theatre venue that is also that late night music venue with s**t hot bands and s**ttier hot DJs?’. Yes. Yes it is. 

Theatre like you’ve never interacted with before, or wanted to. An invitation to an immersive playground for the curious and the curiouser. Never the same and never on time. Over a decade of waiting and the wait is still not over… 

What's On at The Waiting Room?