33 tents left behind last year – let’s make it zero.

Last year, there were 33 tents abandoned at Shambala. This may seem comparatively impressive however it’s 33 too many. Imagine if this was the year that not one, single tent was left on site. We know it’s possible – the vast, vast majority of you already do it.

Please take your tents home this year. Even if it’s damaged, and you’re not going to use it again, pack it up, take it with you and dispose of it properly. Even with the most stinking of hangovers, it’s really not that hard.

Let’s utilise our community to make this happen. If you see people walking away and leaving their camping equipment behind on Monday morning, speak to them about it (nicely as you can please!) and see if you can make them see the light. If you are one of the last stragglers, and haven’t done your Random Act of Kindness let, have a little tidy up (disclaimer: don’t take anything that someone might be coming back for!!).

We can do this! x