We’re really excited to announce that we will be treating you folks to a digital event over the August bank holiday weekend, on what would have been Shambala 2020.

We’ll be beaming a big dose of Shambala via our new telly channel AiDU. You can expect a smorgasboard of all corners of Shambala, working as the virtual top up we all need as the long wait for 2021 begins. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming weeks, but you can look forward to musical treats from Shambala favourites, interactive workshops and talks, family-focussed performances, an update on our new sustainability goals and general Shambala silliness! 


It wouldn’t be a Shambala weekend, digital or not, without a dress up theme. We’re gonna hang on to 2020’s ‘GAME ON’ carnival theme for next year, as you lot voted for it and it seems a shame to waste it. (We’re expecting brilliant things from you lot in the costume stakes next year, with all this extra time to prepare..!).

We’re inviting YOU to get creative with what you can find round the house, to make the most over the top, ridiculous home-made costume creations, around the theme ‘Home Is Where the Art Is‘. Think house-plant headresses, cutlery-draw-couture, tin-foil tuxedos and teabag tiaras!

On Saturday 29th August, get your costume on, take a snap of your creation and upload it to The People’s gallery on the Shambala app, to create a visual, virtual Carnival parade!  In true Shambala-carnival-style, there will be a mystery prize for our favourite costume. You have one month to get creating!

Download the Shambala app for Apple HERE and Android HERE if you haven’t already, so you’re ready to upload your creation on Saturday 29th.

Share your favourite Shambala memories with our community…

Whilst we might not be able to make new Shambala memories this year, we miss you lot and would love for you to share your memories of Shambalas’ past with us and with each other.

We’ve set up a new tag on the People’s Gallery on the Shambala App for just this reason, so you can post your photos, or share words and writing about your favourite Shambala moments for all to see. Think of it as a digital sharing circle of heartwarming moments, ludicrous anecdotes and tall tales to keep us going until next year! We’re loving what’s coming in already!


A quick note to say that, as many of you are aware, many festivals have seen their recent digital events targetted by wrong ‘uns and rotters, who create fake event pages and spam viewers with links to ‘pay to watch’ a livestream.

We’ve seen fake Shambala Festival profile and Shambala event pages spring up on Facebook already. They’re fairly easy to spot as tend to have very few likes or followers. Please be scam-safe, and remember the following:

1. THIS is our only actual, official Facebook page. If it’s posted by us, on this page, it’s legit. Likewise, event pages created by our official Shambala Facebook page are legit.

2. Our digital weekend event will be FREE to watch for all, and will not require anybody to enter any card details, anywhere. If you’re prompted to do so, please know this is not coming from us, and do not proceed.

3. We will be streaming this exclusively over at our own AiDU.tv – nowhere else. So it you head there you can’t got wrong. This way we can dodge the scam attempts, and also move away from being so Facebook reliant, big data monolith that they are.

We can’t wait to see you in cyber-space x