IN PLACE OF WAR: Live takeover – Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd May

IN PLACE OF WAR – Creativity Conquers COVID

We’ve got something very special lined up for you lot, over the first weekend of May on our Facebook page.

The current COVID crisis is having a huge impact on parts of the world already struggling with conflict. In Place of War is a global charity that uses artistic creativity as a tool for positive change.

To raise funds for this vital cause, we’ll be bringing you live streams from the homes of some of our favourite In Place of War artists from across the globe. We have live performances from 2 members of our favourite international super group GRRRL –  the lioness of Africa Wiyaala, and queen of Brazillian Dancehall Lei Di Dai, plus DJ sets from uk hip hop legend Rodney P and master of the turntables DJ Yoda

We’ll be taking online donations across the weekend which will go directly to In Place of War’s COVID emergency fund, to support the change-makers and community leaders they work with across 24 conflict zones in Africa, The Middle East and Latin America.

FRIDAY 1st May

8 – 9pm: Wiyaala 

9 – 10pm: Lei Di Dai


8 – 9pm – Rodney P

9 – 10pm – DJ YODA

Where your donations will go

In communities that already face the challenges of conflict and extreme poverty, the impact of COVID is multi-faceted. The lockdown has led to communities unable to work with no governmental support, people are unable to buy food and many are starving. The fund issues small grants through an application process, open to In Place of War’s change-maker network, to support critical challenges around provision of food to communities, PPE and medical assistance during these times of crisis. 

We heard from some key contacts within the In Place of War programme, about how the COVID crisis is affecting their communities:

‘Many people in the community are afraid of how they will survive without being able to work or how long this will go on for. This community has overcome many dark days in its turbulent and violence history but the COVID crisis is a really urgent issue.’ – Alejandro Rodriguez Alvarez, Colombia. Alejandro works with taking people from gangs and engaging them in hip-hop from the gang ravaged neighbourhoods of Medellin, Colombia.

‘There is simply no support from the government, some families are on edge of starvation during these days.’ – Vijay Kumar – In Place of War Project Lead – India. India has some of the most extremely high-density urban populations, social distancing is simply not an option for most of these people, and the consequences of lockdown is costing lives through hunger, and lack of medicine.

‘People are living in fear of COVID, many are testifying that this is worse than a physical war our team has already seen that government forces have been using excessive force to enforce lockdowns’ – Benny Muding, Uganda. Benny works with musicians in the North of Uganda engaging them in creative entrepreneurship to improve livelihoods, a region devastated by a brutal 20-year civil war.

‘A young boy was also shot by police at the balcony of his home in Kiamaiko, Nairobi, because ‘he was out during the curfew’ which seems like a dark irony that a citizen was killed by police who were ensuring he was indoors to protect him from COVID19. Questions still remain unanswered on why the government is charging for treatment of corona-related ailments.’ Robert Mukunu, Kenya. Robert engages young people out of poverty using music, film and art as the mechanism in Nairobi, Kenya, where police brutality is extreme and speaking out against the government is forbidden.


See ya there! x