Something’s been bothering us…

Every year at Shambala, hundreds of friendships are forged, be it families bonding round the campfire or ravers rolling around the woodland haybales in the wee hours. These friendships can be lifelong, can change the path of your life and the way you see the world – or can just make you laugh ‘til you wheeze because you’ve finally found another soul as gloriously weird as you.

COVID-19 didn’t just put paid to our festival dreams last year, it extinguished hundreds of potential human connections before they’d begun. We’re not having that.

Introducing the Shambala Pen Pal Service – allowing you to connect with a random Shambalan, safely, whilst re-engaging with the lost art of letter writing (go away, Zoom, nobody likes you anymore).

If YOU want a Shambolic Pen Pal, here’s how it works:

  1. Drop us an email at, with the subject line SHAMBOLIC PEN PAL.
  2. Include your name, your age, your postal address and what you like best about Shambala.
  3. We’ll then match you at random with another Shambalan and notify you via email that you have been matched.
  4. If you’re a Shambala family and wish to exchange letters with another family (so any younger Shambalans can get stuck into letter writing, with adult supervision) let us know in your email, and we can match you with another family.
  5. Once we’ve emailed you to let you know that you’re matched, write your first letter and pop it in a sealed, stamped envelope with no address.
  6. Pop this sealed letter in ANOTHER envelope, including a note with your name (so we know whose ‘match’ you are) and send this envelope to us at: SHAMBOLIC PEN PAL, Shambala Festival, Kambe House, 34 Portland Square, Bristol, BS2 8RG.
  7. We will then open the outer envelope, check your name, write the address of your pen pal on the blank, sealed, stamped envelope containing your letter and send it on!
  8. This means for safeguarding and GDPR purposes, your address will not be shared with your pen pal.
  9. A glorious letter exchange between Shambala strangers ensures.
  10. We’ll build a Pen Pal meet up point at the next Shambala, so you can meet your buddy, if you so wish!

Some important bits:

  • What you write in your letter is secret – we won’t be opening them, simply writing the correct address on your stamped envelope and sending them on.
  • Remember – we’ll deal with the address bit – so don’t give your personal details out to your pen pal. Keep your address, bank details, bike lock number and where your treasure is buried to yourself!
  • DO include your pronouns
  • If at any point you wish to cease correspondence, email us, we’ll remove your address and details from the penpal scheme and we’ll stop forwarding you any mail from your pen pal.
  • Likewise, let us know if you change address but wish to carry on.
  • Please be as lovely, kind and magic in your letters to each other as you are on site.


Big love, Shambala HQ x