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Adventures in Utopia

Dharavi. A vibrant and sprawling mass of ramshackle buildings, heat, dust and on the outskirts of Mumbai, housing around a million people. Those in

Anyone familiar with the UK festival scene will have stumbled across these makers of mischief in a field somewhere, throwing shapes, causing mayhem and

This blog was kindly written by Ed Gillespie, co-founder of sustainability comms agency Futerra, and all round Shambala legend. You can read the original

The Oxfam stewards often refer to themselves as Oxfamily, here’s a heart-meltingly sweet example of why: Two years ago, long-term Oxfam stewards Gavin and Carrie

Read on to discover how your vision of Utopia could appear on this year’s official Shambala T-shirt! Shambala has always been a party with a

On 25th April 2015, Nepal was shaken to its core by a series of powerful earthquakes that killed over 8,800 people and left hundreds

One of the myriad reasons we decided to go meat and fish free for 2016 was our concern about the current global fishing model. Should

The Kids Kino Project is a mobile, social cinema for children affected by humanitarian crises.  Made up of volunteers from the Cube Microplex Bristol,

Think gardening is just for country folk with sprawling back yards? Think again! Urban and micro gardening can work anywhere from teeny backyards to roof

Lifelong environmentalist and horticulturalist Peter Harper worked for thirty years at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Britain’s leading research and education centre for

Can one person really make much of a difference? We say yes, and here’s the proof: four inspirational stories from every-day superheroes who realised

Ever tried to live a greener lifestyle? Buy fewer clothes? Use less plastic? Fly less often? Now, how about giving those things up completely?