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Adventures in Utopia


Taking a child to a festival is potentially a life-changing experience. For three days, they’re a whole world away from exams, schoolbooks and progress

  1. Which of these icons most closely represents your world view? A) Barney the Dinosaur B) David Attenborough C) Hunter S Thompson D)

  Rebel Soul is comprised of Jack Howe, James Trickey & Hannah Lewis. Their aim is to dismantle destructive systems, create and support life-sustaining systems, and to

Pam Rafferty has been working in Nepal to help build and rebuild communities since long before the recent earthquakes devastated the country and brought the

No it’s not a band name, but it is a typically leftfield pioneering move from Shambala! In 2015, Shambala became the first UK festival

Ah, the good old days of darning your socks and doing a spot of soldering when your electronics packed in. Times have changed: now

“No one is free until we all are free.” –  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Following the success of her Death Row protest piece,

Seamstress extraordinaire Lisa Comfort fell in love with sewing aged 11 when she made her first skirt, and she’s never looked back. After studying at

“No law, no decision, nothing of any kind will be agreed by this council that will harm the children, seven generations to come… There is