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Watch back: Episode 5 of Live from the Jam Jar

Thanks to all who turned up this Sunday for the fifth instalment of ‘Live from the Jam Jar.’ If you missed the latest from AiDU TV, our new media platform,  you can catch up below:

AiDU: Live From The Jam Jar. Episode 5 from AiDU TV on Vimeo.

AIDU: Live From The Jam Jar – Episode 5 from AiDU TV on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to tune in this coming Sunday for a Ticket to Ride special. We’ll be back for Episode 6 of ‘Live From the Jam Jar’ on Sunday 16th August with a wicked lineup to boot!

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Here’s who made up our Episode 5:

Produced by:

Elliot Jenkins, JMC Audio, Trago Studio, The Jam Jar Bristol and Kambe Events Ltd.