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Back when we launched our Bring A Cup campaign last year, we offered cup-buyers the chance to add a few pounds on to the

The following blog was written by Shambala’s very own permaculture guru, Lynne Davis – find her in the permaculture field at Shambala this year

Dharavi. A vibrant and sprawling mass of ramshackle buildings, heat, dust and on the outskirts of Mumbai, housing around a million people. Those in

Anyone familiar with the UK festival scene will have stumbled across these makers of mischief in a field somewhere, throwing shapes, causing mayhem and

The Oxfam stewards often refer to themselves as Oxfamily, here’s a heart-meltingly sweet example of why: Two years ago, long-term Oxfam stewards Gavin and Carrie

The Kids Kino Project is a mobile, social cinema for children affected by humanitarian crises.  Made up of volunteers from the Cube Microplex Bristol,

Can one person really make much of a difference? We say yes, and here’s the proof: four inspirational stories from every-day superheroes who realised

No it’s not a band name, but it is a typically leftfield pioneering move from Shambala! In 2015, Shambala became the first UK festival

Ah, the good old days of darning your socks and doing a spot of soldering when your electronics packed in. Times have changed: now

“No one is free until we all are free.” –  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Following the success of her Death Row protest piece,

Seamstress extraordinaire Lisa Comfort fell in love with sewing aged 11 when she made her first skirt, and she’s never looked back. After studying at