An update from HQ on COVID-19.

Hello, wonderful Shambalans!

It’s been a month since our last update on the current situation, so we thought it time for another check-in. 

At the end of March, we were cautiously optimistic that Shambala 2020, being at the end of the season, might well go ahead. That glimmer of hope has diminished, somewhat(!) but it’s still faintly flickering.

Let us assure you that we will not go ahead with Shambala 2020 unless is entirely safe to do so.  The safety of our audience, crew and performers is of absolute paramount importance to us and has been for the last 20 years – we would not jeopardise that. 

There is, though, absolutely no advantage in rushing into a cancellation sooner than is necessary. Once such a decision is made there is no turning back and, while there is hope, no matter how faint, we believe in keeping the option of going ahead alive. We are a bunch of relentless optimists and who knows what solutions may miraculously appear between now and the end of summer that may allow us to celebrate 20 years of Shambala!

If, however, we are not able to go ahead this year, it will of course be a heartbreaker for everyone involved and a massive challenge for us as an organisation. We will be thoughtful and creative in our response – we’ve been around for two decades and fully intend to be around for at least two decades more!

If we do have to cancel Shambala 2020, tickets will be eligible to either be rolled over for Shambala 2021 or refunded. Customers would be notified by email and given 8 weeks to choose to roll over their tickets to 2021 or claim a refund (less booking fees)

In the meantime, if you so desire, refunds are currently available on all tickets aside from instalment tickets. Instalment tickets need to be paid for in full before refunds are available – more on that below.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support, loyalty and relentless good vibes over the past month. We will update you again as soon as we have further news. Until then, we ask for your patience as we navigate these utterly bizarre times.

So much love,

From all at Shambala x

An important note to our instalment ticket buyers:

  • As a discretionary exception to normal rules on instalment tickets, once the final balance has been paid, they will be treated like any other ticket. In the event of a cancellation – you’ll be able to roll them over to 2021 and ensure you’re at the next Shambala, or claim a refund. 
  • They do need to be paid off in full for this to happen otherwise we would arbitrarily have to decide to cancel and refund everyone who is on an instalment plan. 
  • Your final payment is due to come out on June 3rd. As soon as this last instalment is paid off, your ticket will be eligible for refund. 
  • Tickets that are not paid off in full are not eligible for refunds and the normal terms and conditions under which they were purchased apply. 
  • We’ll send you a reminder email closer to the June date so you don’t forget!