Carnival Workshop

Applications for the Shambala Carnival are now OPEN! We’re looking for giant mobile art pieces, unusual mobile sound systems, procession bands & costume artists!

Are you a creative crafter? Excellent! We’re also after Carnival Workshop leaders too. We’re in need of folks who can facilitate some incredible crafting sessions to help people look their best for Saturday’s Extinction Carnival. Think headpieces of rare-quality, masks that transform Shambalans into creatures come before us, and any in-theme craftings. If you can run a workshop that uses recycled or natural materials that’s an instant bonus!

Please note the 2019 carnival theme is…


A raucous, howling, squawking Mardis Gras dance party, for the species come and gone from our little rock (and those teetering on the edge) inspired by New Orleans’ Jazz Funerals – wild, musical parades to celebrate loved ones we have lost. Dance for the dinosaurs, rumba for the rhinos, march for the mammoth and sing for the sabre tooth tiger!

This year we are challenging everybody to create their carnival masterpieces using only second hand or recyclable materials – no disposable tat allowed!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!