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Do you have a passion, talent or hobby that you’re just dying to impart on your fellow Shambalans?

Perhaps your a keen knitter who’s lifelong dream is to see Shambalans, young and old, clad from head to toe in their own wooly creations, maybe you’ve wormed your way into a really good book and you’re just bursting at the seams trying to find someone to discuss it with, or maybe you’re just a little bit over-enthusiastic about Twin Peaks and just want to analyse it in detail one last time?

Welcome to The Shambalan Society, a dedicated space inside The Fuzzy Duck pub specially curated for you lot to run your very own clubs!

We’re inviting you to host one hour meetings, you’ll need to have Shambala tickets already and be self-sufficient in running the club yourself. There will be a venue manager available to help you get set up and provide any further support you might need, and you’ll get access to a comfy space with a small PA and chalk board.

We suggest you have a plan for how your meeting will run with a bit of structure, eg. 5 mins for welcome and introductions, a series of discussion points, possibly break out groups etc. and a bring everyone together for the last 5 minutes. You might also want to think about how the group could to stay in touch year round and if you want to do something remotely and have the same meet up again the following year.

If your club requires participants to prepare anything then we can communicate that with everyone in advance – for example – required reading for a book club, or a debate topic to prepare for.