Carnival countdown – Get those costumes ready!

With Shambala less than a month away, it’s time to get crafting on those carnival costumes! Whether you are creative conceptualists, professional fancy-dress extraordinaries or gaffer tape improvisers, come dressed to impress in all your foliaged finery – meet by the lake at 5pm on Saturday to take part!


This year’s theme is AVANT GARDEN“An experimental, radical garden of artistic wonders. A green-haus fashion show where giant triffids strut their stuff alongside regal, ivy-covered statues. Think human venus fly traps, troops of iridescent disco dancing beetles and a ballet of nectar-drunk, neon hummingbirds. Succulent crowns atop palm frond gowns. Jewel-bright orchid queens and prize-winning marrow kings, waltzing under a ripe, watermelon moon.”


Prizes will be bestowed for best group (adults only) and family efforts. Our judges like the homemade, and lots of it – so bandy a group of friends or your own flesh and blood together to craft some coordinating costumes.

Our winning adult group effort will bag themselves a hot tub session in the Shambala Springs on Sunday, alcoholic drinks and assorted goodies and treats.

Our winning family group effort will bag themselves a private family session on the crazy golf course, food vouchers for our traders stalls, alcoholic drinks for the grown ups and juice for the little ‘uns, snacks, toys and colouring books.

Big leafy love,

Shambala Team x