The Devil’s Advocate Debating Society recruitment

Order ord-err! The Devil’s Advocate Debating Society will return to The Imaginarium at Shambala this year.

An exercise in argumentative gymnastics, verbal flourishes, persuasive parley, hyperbole, intellectual rigour and rebuttal – the Devil’s Advocate Debate Society pits the best of the best against each other in order to unpack the most contentious and outrageous questions of our times.

The Devil’s Advocates are now recruiting certified ranters, to join their debating team at Shambala 2019.


This role will involve turning up at the Imaginarium on Saturday 24th Aug to debate the topics burning on every Shambalans’ lips. You will be answerable to your line managers, the Debate Team Captains.


Confident and eloquent – the candidate will be a gobshite of massive proportions, able to debate and wrangle with fervour and total infidelity. They will be a true devil’s advocate.

Stamina – the candidate will be able to withstand the rigmarole of several rounds of debate, both on opposition and proposition sides.

Committed and reliable – the candidate will have to turn up at the allotted time at the Imaginarium, ready to have it out. The candidate will be available on the Saturday of Shambala for both for some pre-debate coaching and the debate itself which will take place in the afternoon.


Record an audio clip of you ranting the corner of any of the statements below:

👹 The house believes that Dave Benson Phillips from “Get your Own Back” should be the Prime Minister and gunging should be instated as a form of comeuppance

👹 The house believes that the UK should have it’s own version of a siesta enforced

👹 The house believes that the national anthem should be changed to Mel B’s rap from “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls

Send in the clip to with the subject heading “Devil’s Advocates Debate Audio Application.” Clips should be no longer that 1 minute long.

All applicants must already hold a ticket to Shambala 2019.

The deadline for applications has been extended. It is now Friday 5th July at 5pm.

We look forward to receiving your applications.