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Most of the main site is flat and easily accessible in good weather. Expect mud in wet weather. We provide trackway over the worst areas but in previous years people have had problems with some wheelchairs (particularly electric chairs) over the whole site. We do our best to keep everyone moving but do be aware that this is an open air event in a grassy field and we cannot guarantee the ground conditions. We keep an information board in the ACA with details of any particularly muddy areas as soon as we know about them.

The Enchanted Woods has areas of rougher ground amongst the trees, which may cause difficulties for some chairs and scooters even in good weather, and the path has a gravel surface, which can be difficult for wheelchair users to navigate. At night light levels are often fairly low as part of the art installations and the area can become quite crowded. Due to lack of vehicle access there are no accessible toilets in this area however there is one right next to the exit.

The Healing Area is in a meadow with long grass. 

There are seats with backrests available around site and in the venues with live music.

We hope to be able to team up with a local charity to hire out mobility scooters onsite. Prebooking will be essential. Email for more information.

If you use sticks or crutches consider how they will work in mud or soft ground, some people use special attachments to help with this.

Viewing Platforms and Areas

There are viewing platforms in the main venues. We understand that you would like to have your friends, family and carers with you but we ask that they move off the platform if it becomes crowded so that other disabled people can use it. The platforms are stewarded during performance times and you and your guests will need an accessibility wristband in order to gain access to the platform. You can apply for these wristbands using the accessibility application form.

All other venues with live performances have viewing areas. Some also have signed access routes – further details are available at the ACA hub.

You can queue jump into venues using your accessibility wristband.