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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us with a query please read through the most common questions people ask us. We are a very small team and the less time spent on dealing with queries, the more time we have to make Shambala brilliant!

Common Queries:


Q. Where & when can I buy a ticket?

A. Tickets are only available via the website and our sole ticket agent TheTicketSellers. We open ticket sales in October and will send out emails and generally shout about it on social media when we have a specific date for release.

Q. What are instalment tickets?

A. This allows you to split the payments for all types and tiers of adult tickets into smaller more manageable chunks. An initial down payment is required followed by 3 further payments on the 2nd of February, 2nd of April and 2nd of June.

Please note these tickets are non-refundable and strict terms and conditions apply due to the automated financial arrangement you must sign up to. If there are insufficient funds in your nominated account and an instalment is missed, you will have defaulted on the terms, and the banking facility is also automatically and permanently terminated. You will receive an email reminder with a link to pay the full balance, which you must do within 14 days or you will loose your tickets. It is your responsibility to make sure funds are available, keep your payment details up to date with TheTicketSellers, make sure you validate the email address, and search all your inboxes for communications.

Q. I bought a Shambala Express Coach ticket but can no longer get the coach – can I still get in?

A. No, sorry – Shambala Express Coach packages are strictly only valid for entry if you arrive on the coach as per the ticket description. There is no wiggle room and no exceptions on this.

Q. When do I get my tickets?
A. When you buy your tickets you will initially receive an order confirmation that means you have secured your tickets. However, your actual barcode tickets will not be sent out until about a month ahead of the event via email.

Q. I can’t find my Barcode!?
A. Please log into your account with TheTicketSellers and click on “E-tickets & Barcodes”. Here you will be able to download all your barcodes and also amend the names associated with individual barcodes.

Q. Oh no! I can’t make it, can I get a refund on tickets?
As per the T&C’s of purchase, tickets are only valid for a refund up to 4 weeks prior to the event. Our refund window is now very much closed without exception. If you can no longer make it, you can change the name on your ticket by logging into your Ticket Sellers account and transfer it to a new ticket holder. We don’t recommend transferring your ticket to a new holder unless it’s someone you know and trust, for the security of both parties!

Q. I’m desperate for a ticket – should I buy one from eBay (or similar?).
A. Absolutely not – it is very likely to be a fake – there is no way to reliably verify that the ticket is genuine, as original purchasers are able to log into their account and change names as they wish. This means someone could in theory sell you a ticket with your name and then change it. It is worth noting that sites like TicketSwap and Viagogo falsely claim the name on the ticket does not need to match the ID of the ticket holder – this is NOT true, all Shambala tickets must be named to match the ticket holder. Only tickets purchased from our official online sellers directly are valid. If you have bought an invalid ticket, you will not to gain entry.

Q. Can I swap my adult / teen tickets?
A. Sorry, this is not possible. We have fulfilled quotas for each ticket type and need to adhere to our licensed capacity.

Q. Is there going to be a second ticket release 
A. No, sorry.

Q. I’m due to work but now won’t be able to make it, can I reclaim my deposit? 
A. Please refer this query to the third party team/organisation who you are booked to work with.


Q. When does the site open and close
A. The campsites open Thursday at midday and the site closes at midday on Monday. There are a few bars and low key venues open on Thursday night, but the main entertainment happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday is for settling in!

Q. How do I find out directions / Where is the festival?
A. Shambala Festival is held on a beautiful country estate in Northamptonshire. The exact directions are given when you purchase a ticket and can be found in the text of the E-Ticket.

Q. Can I bring a Gazebo?
A. Only if you are a family in Family Camping (Blue). All other campsites are strictly no gazebo’s, and the diligent Oxfam stewards will be politely removing them if erected.

Q. Can I still volunteer to get involved/ work at the festival?
A. Possibly! Deadlines for applications differ depending what you are looking at – check out the get involved and work with us sections of our website for more information.

Q. Is there a restriction on tent sizes?
A. YES! The site has a limited capacity, and so we have a strict policy of  sensible/ normal sized family tents only. Please do not bring a 8/10 berth mega-tents as we simply do not have space.

Q. Can we have dogs on site?
A. We have a no dogs (or any other animals) policy, sorry.

Q. Can we have fires in the campsites?
A. Yes, but strictly off the ground. We also sell sustainable firewood onsite at a reasonable price, available at the Public Info Point

Q. Can I go back to the carpark to get more stuff after I have entered?
A. Yes – but you MUST have your wristband ‘zapped’ on exit to gain re-entry.

Q. Can I drive offsite during the festival?
A. No, we have a no re-entry policy for all vehicles as it has significant implications for successful traffic management and carpark capacities.

Q. Do I need to book for the Family Campsite?
A. No, just turn up with some kids and settle in, but it is first come first served.

Q. Can campervans and tents camp together?
A. You are only able to pitch one tent with each camper van pitch as per the terms of purchase and size of the pitch.

Q. How does the Recycling Deposit work?
A. Full details HERE


Q. Is the festival staying meat and fish free for 2022?

At Shambala, we have always endeavoured to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of our festival, so, in 2016 we set ourselves a challenge – to provide the most eye-popping, mouthwatering, colourful, hearty array of cuisine without a single bit of meat or fish on sale. Not a sausage. We were blown away, when, after the event, 77% of those who filled out our post-festival survey voted to keep Shambala a veggie paradise. For 2022, once again our trusty food traders will be serving up delicious meat-and-fish-free menus, though we are looking at ways to introduce the odd bit of uber-sustainable meat and fish options around the site in surprising and thought-provoking ways, watch this space and let’s continue to explore this together.

Want to know more about meat-free Shambala? Check out our FAQ!

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?
A. Yes, you can bring an amount ‘suitable for personal use’ and at the discretion of the Shambala team. By way of a guide 8 cans of beer (or cider) and half of a litre of spirits per person in your group would be acceptable. Please do remember no glass is permitted onsite, glass found during entry searches will be confiscated and not returned.


Q. I still haven’t heard back about my application!
A. We review applications once they have closed, and endeavour to get back to everybody who has applied. In some cases, due to spam filters on email accounts, they can go into spam so keep those eyes peeled.