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Joby – Refresh West founder / Part time Vthe carbon footprint of our bars operation, our ciders are dropped off at the Purity brewery and travel to site from there, on the same trucks as our b
  • 9 out of the 12 beer and cider suppliers are based within 70 miles of the festival
  • 62% of the beer on site (and 80% of the wine) is vegan
Unlike many events, we believe that everyone should be allowed to bring personal drinks into Shambala.  We do, though, also rely on the bars to keep Shambala viable.  Our bars are run with strongly held principals before profit margins, so please do support our bars and sample the scrumptious delights on offer!

We run our bars in partnership with our friends at Refresh West – a relationship that began back in the murky mists of time (also known as the nineties) when Joby (Refresh West founder) was causing mischief at UWE with one of our founders.

Refresh West have been responsible for all things booze at Shambala for eighteen years now. We’ve inspired each other, grown together and share the same values around quality, sustainability and sourcing. Together we pioneered the reusable bar cup scheme with us nine years ago – which has now been adopted by hundreds of events and venues across the country.

More impressively, we have also had zero single use plastics across all our bars for several years now – no mean feat, but it isn’t just about plastic straws! This is achieved in part by using ‘Think Drinks’ soft dispense on all our in-house bars, and supplying canned soft drinks to venue bars to avoid single use plastic bottles.

Sticking to your principles doesn’t come cheap, and by choosing to use the products, suppliers and systems outlined below does mean putting our values before profit– but we feel it’s 100% worth it to be able to serve you an amazing array of local, ethical and delicious independent drinks, and stick two fingers up to crappy, corporate flat lager!

Check out what was on offer for Shambala 2022. The back bar and keg line is subject to change, but our commitment to this offering being delicious, ethical and eco won’t.


  • Refresh West use ‘Think Drinks’ – a UK based company making premium quality soft drinks sourced from the most ethical suppliers they can find– a million miles away from your big American soft drinks brands.
  • It’s really important to us that no Nestle/Coca Cola products are sold on site – instead, Refresh West stock Green Cola. More on that here.


  • We pride ourselves on having a wide range of independent, ethically sourced and delicious beers and ciders.
  • The majority of our beer stocked at Shambala comes from Lost & Grounded Brewers who use 100% green electricity, recycle spent grains and carbon offset their travel to/from the festival via Ecolibrium.
  • We stock Freedom Brewery’s organic lager. Like Lost & Grounded, Freedom have very impressive sustainability credentials, and are located just 68 miles from site.
  • The rest of the beer comes from local breweries all within 25 miles of the event site – meaning we’re supporting local business and minimising transport carbon.



  • Our wine supplier (Sustainable Wine Solutions) is the ultimate sustainable service provider for the wine trade.
  • They are the only U.K. wine supplier working with reusable kegs and reusable cork sealed bottles which are cleaned and sanitised, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 95%.
  • They work with sustainably minded suppliers with many vegan, organic and biodynamic wines, filling our bottles and kegs here in the U.K. to greatly reduce their carbon footprint without scrimping on quality.


  • All our softs, ciders and all the wine except one, is vegan friendly
  • The majority of our ales and lagers are vegan friendly and we have a good selection of gluten free beers too.
  • The menu boards at all our bars will clearly label which beers are vegan and gluten free, so you can booze with confidence.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Refresh West also offset their travel and transport through Ecolibrium and source all their energy through Ecotricity. They also give a lot of support to Aid Box Community – a charity Joby founded, which supports refugees in Bristol and around the world – as well as supporting other homeless charities like Feed The Homeless and SleepPod in Bristol! Legends!

Massive props to the Refresh West team for all that they do – here’s to another 18 years. x