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 In 2020 /1, with no Shambala festival, we didn’t want to let the time pass without inspiring new conversations and actions, so we launched a project to inspire 25,000 simple, individual positive actions by 2025.

Have read of our top 10 easy and brilliant actions, and go for it. Movements are made by people!


We need to get to net zero emissions to avoid climate catastrophe. Over the past decade, we’ve reduced Shambala’s emissions footprint by around 90%. Here’s three things YOU can easily do to reduce yours:

1. Switch to a renewable energy provider such as Good Energy or Ecotricity – follow the links to find out more and make the switch!

2. Divest from fossil fuel and world conflict. Choose an ethical bank such as Triodos, which invests in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and equality. Click here to find out more about Triodos and make the switch!

3. Balance your travel emissionsuse Ecolibrium’s free web carbon calculator. Check back for their App in-development to track your footprint and balance it if you can.


What we buy and consume shapes the world around us. Here’s three ways to preserve and enhance the ecosystems that support us (and all life):

4. Be an ethical, healthy consumer by choosing non-toxic, ethical products. Learn how to use your spending power to change the world for the better, on the Ethical Consumer website.

5. Plant trees – Support the lungs of our planet and communities in crisis in Malawi through our longterm charity partner, TEMWA. Donating just £1 a month to Temwa will plant 10 trees a year, reducing flooding, protecting homes and helping our planet breathe. Sign up to give £1 a month here.

6. No excuse for single use – Pledge to reduce or go single use plastic free. Our Shambala bottles support RAW Foundation – freeing the world from pointless plastics! You can bag yours here.


What each of us does really does matter! Our many amazing partners would normally be with us on site, inspiring you on the ground. They can’t do that this year, so check out the amazing campaigns they are running, which need your help….  

7. Sign up to be a conscientious objector to Ecocide and help change international law to protect natureIt’s free, easy and takes seconds! Sign the petition here

8. Join the XR ‘Impossible’ rebellion starting August 23rd at a crucial moment in our history. Find out more and join the rebellion here.

9. Create happiness for the next generation! The Flying Seagull project would normally be entertaining kids in the Playtopia field. Instead they are bringing much needed fun and happiness to kids in European refugee camps. Support them, join them, or let them inspire you to bring happiness to your own communities.


10. Unleash your creativity for purpose – talk about it, sing about it, write about it or organise your own event to inspire others!


If you've taken a positive action from our list, to help us reach our goal of 25,000 positive actions, please log it here! x

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Anchorsong – Resistance.

Written, performed and engineered by Masaaki Yoshida.

Licensed with courtesy from Tru Thoughts Records.

Taken from the album ‘Cohesion’. Purchase the album here.