Over 90% of Shambala’s emissions come from travel & transport. We’re determined to reduce this.

  • Our overall long-term aim is to minimise and where possible reduce the emissions attributable to travel and transport – be that from our audience, contractors, artists or crew.
  • As a medium-term aim, we feel it’s realistic (though challenging) to aim to have half of our audience travelling to the festival by some form of shared transport
  • In 2017, 27% of our audience arrived by shared transport – we’re going to do all we can to get that up to 40% in 2018.

To encourage our audience to travel on public transport we provide subsidised coaches from around the country – as well as putting on shuttle buses to site from the local train station.

We do understand that car travel is unavoidable for some people, but the fuller that car is, the lower the carbon footprint. To incentivise car sharing we charge drivers for car parking and have partnered with GoCarShare, to match up drivers with those who need a lift.

We reward cyclists with a free programme on arrival, discount massages and secure bike parking on site – you just need to show us your cycling gear on arrival.

This year we are piloting an electric car charging service. We’ve teamed up with a renewable energy company Solar 2 Vehicle Solutions to offer FREE charging for electric car owners, powered by the renewable energy onsite.

Get the full low down on travel on the Travel Pages HERE.