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So, here’s what’s new for 2022 – and we’ll need your help to achieve it! 

No more disposable coffee cups: From this year there will be ZERO disposable hot drink cups available on site, so make sure you bring your own! Branded Shambala cups are available to buy from the Shambala online shop or on site at the Public Info tent, whilst stocks last!

As a pilot, we’ll be sourcing packaging-free oat milk to use in our crew canteen. We don’t know if you’ve ever tried milking an oat – it’s fiddly – tiny nipples – but worth it.

We’re introducing climate impact food labelling, so you’ll be able to see the environmental impact of some of your festival meals and make sustainable choices about what you’re filling your bellies with!

All our site buggies this year will be electric and all of our telehandlers (the big yellow beasts that move all the heavy stuff) will be powered by sustainable fuels only.

Recycling rates of 100% -This year, we’re aiming to capture, sort and recycle ALL recyclable materials. Do your bit to help by using the correct bins.

Our new ‘Sustainable Guide to Set Building’ will be circulated to all our creative build teams ahead of the festival, to ensure strict waste and recycling standards are factored in every step of the way.

Thank you for working with us to make 2022 our most planet-friendly party to date, and watch out for an ambitious 5 year plan landing in 2023.