Terms & Conditions

Please read the information below carefully. This is where we explain what you agree to by purchasing a ticket for the festival, including conditions of entry to site and site rules, use of images, terms and deadlines of our deposit scheme. Terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


The Ticket Sellers (TTS) are our sole ticket and resale agent. No other body is authorised to sell or resell tickets. Tickets will not be valid unless purchased from TTS.

24hr line: 0121 472 6688


All tickets to ‘Shambala Festival’ available from TTS are sold as personal and revocable licenses on behalf of Kambe Events Ltd. Kambe Events Ltd reserves the right to change all, or any, arrangements concerning Shambala Festival without notice, nor with any obligation whatsoever to refund.

The purchase of tickets and subsequent entry onto the event site constitutes an acceptance by the purchaser and entrants of these terms and conditions, and implies an undertaking on the part of those to observe them.

In the event of any breach of these terms & conditions, Kambe Events Ltd, it’s staff and agents reserves the right, to cancel tickets, to refuse admission, to remove the holder, or to confiscate offending articles, as the case may be, and in any case, to retain any monies paid for the relevant ticket(s).

Ticket(s) purchased will be confirmed via email on the day of purchase. All e-tickets (and any applicable routing passes associated with the purchase of vehicle tickets) will be sent by email before the 10th of August 2020. If there is a change of email address subsequent to ticket purchase, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to update their account details with the ticket agent, to ensure receipt of e-tickets.

Kambe Events Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission, charge additional surcharges if the incorrect ticket has been purchased and may conduct security searches of person and belongings on entry to the event to meet our duty of care and licensing conditions.

Kambe Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel tickets purchased for any reason.


People Tickets:

  • Tier 1 Adult £169.00
  • Tier 2 Adult £189.00
  • Tier 3 Adult £209.00
  • Tier 1 Shambala Express Package Adult £149.00
  • Tier 2 Shambala Express Package Adult £169.00
  • Tier 3 Shambala Express Package Adult £189.00
  • Tier 1 Red Fox Cyclist Ticket £149.00
  • Tier 2 Red Fox Cyclist Ticket £169.00
  • Tier 3 Red Fox Cyclist Ticket £189.00
  • Personal Assistant Ticket £FOC (phone order required)
  • Teen £95.00 (15 – 17yrs only – ID required)
  • Child £45.00 (5yrs – 14yrs – ID required)
  • Under 5yrs FOC (must be booked)

Shambala Express Coach Tickets:

  • Birmingham £tbc (15+) Kids £tbc (0-14 inclusive)
  • Sheffield £tbc (15+) Kids £tbc (0-14 inclusive)
  • London £tbc (15+) Kids £tbc (0-14 inclusive)
  • Bristol £tbc (15+) Kids £tbc (0-14 inclusive)
  • Brighton £tbc (15+) Kids £tbc (0-14 inclusive)
  • Manchester £tbc (15+) Kids £tbc (0-14 inclusive)

Shambala Red Fox Cycling Guided Ride Tickets:

(Kambe Events Ltd / Shambala Festival are acting as a disclosed agent for all guided ride tickets that are provided by Red Fox Cycling. Please see their website for more information and full terms & conditions).

  • Bristol to Shambala – Outward Only £119.00
  • Bristol to Shambala – Return Journey £144.00
  • London to Shambala – Outward Only £79.00
  • London to Shambala – Return Journey £104.00
  • Sheffield to Shambala – Outward Only £119.00
  • Sheffield to Shambala – Return Journey £144.00

Vehicle Tickets:

  • Car Park Pass £38.00
  • Camper Van Pitch (6m x 7m) £60.00
  • Accessible Camper Van Pitch (6m x 7m) £60.00 (restricted see below for more detail)
  • Large Camper Van Pitch (6m x 10m) £80.00
  • Motorbike Pass £8.00
  • Secure Cycle Parking £ FOC

Ancillary Items:

All prices include P&P and all items will be despatched ahead of Shambala 2020 – unless otherwise stated at the point of sale.

  • Shambala 20 year Anniversary Souvenir Program – Bumper Edition £12.95
  • Shambala 500ml Water Bottle £14.50
  • Shambala 750ml Water Bottle £16.50
  • Shambala 14Oz Reusable Ecoffee Cup £14.50
  • Shambala Hoodie £39.50
  • Shambala Calendar £tbc

Recycling Bond Deposit

  • One £10 bond applied to all orders which include an adult ticket(s) – see below for full information



  • All types of adult tickets at all Tiers are available as “instalment” ticket – see below.
  • All ticket prices stated are “face value” amounts and some ticket types are subject to agent booking fees applied by TheTicketSellers.
  • Linked ticket rules apply and some ticket types can only be bought in conjunction with others.
  • Compulsory additional charges apply to some tickets.

Names on Tickets

  • In order to help prevent fraudulent activity all types of tickets must be named as part of the booking process.
  • It is essential attendees supply unique details for each person ticket – ID will be checked upon arrival to site.
  • An email address, phone number and name for every person attending is required.
  • In the case of Child tickets and Under 5s tickets the minors name should be entered, but it is acceptable for parents / guardians on site to use their email address and phone number.
  • Teen tickets must have unique details.
  • Ancillary tickets must also be assigned to an individual name and contact, but it is expected and acceptable to repeat details from other person tickets in your order.
  • Once you have entered your “names on tickets” all details are editable by logging into your TTS account up to the point of redemption of any particular e-ticket.

Adult Tickets

  • Tier 1 Adult tickets are restricted to a maximum of 2 per unique purchaser.
  • Tier 2 Adult tickets are restricted to a maximum of 4 per unique purchaser.
  • Tier 3 Adult tickets are restricted to a maximum of 6 per unique purchaser.

Instalment Tickets

  • Instalment plans on all Tiers and all types of adult tickets (Cyclist and Shambala Express included) are available.
  • These tickets are non-refundable and strict terms and conditions apply, please read carefully before purchasing.
  • An initial down payment is required, followed by 2 further payments on the 3rd of March and 3rd of June.
  • Amounts vary depending on the specific ticket – see ticket descriptions for details.
  • Instalment plans are automated. You buy the initial ticket with future payments deducted from your nominated account at on the specified dates.
  • You must keep your card and email details up to date in your TTS account.
  • It is your responsibility to validate the robot@theticketsellers.co.uk send address in your email account so you receive notifications.
  • If there are insufficient funds in your nominated account and an instalment is missed, you will have defaulted on the terms, and the banking facility is also automatically and permanently terminated (this is beyond Kambe’s, or our ticket agents control)
  • If the payment terms are defaulted an email with a link to pay the full remaining balance will be sent, which you must do within 14 days.
  • If you do not fulfil the payment plan, or pay the balance in full if you default, all prior payments are non-refundable and your ticket(s) will be voided.

Shambala Express Packages

  • The Shambala Express Adult tickets offer a £20 saving, but must be purchased in conjunction with a Shambala Express coach tickets.
  • The discounted adult ticket is offered for coach travellers only and you must arrive on a Shambala Express coach.
  • Shambala Express Adult tickets can not be used or bought in conjunction with train station shuttle services.
  • It is expected that Shambala Express travellers will be able to carry all their luggage personally. Luggage space is limited and our coach stewards will refuse excessive baggage.
  • If a Shambala ticket holder does not arrive to the festival on the coach, right of admission may be refused, or a surcharge applied at the gate.
  • See further coach information below and on the main website travel pages.

Red Fox Cyclist Tickets

  • The Red Fox cyclist tickets offer a £20 saving on Adult tickets, but must be purchased in conjunction with booking a Red Fox Cycling guided ride to Shambala.
  • You must arrive to site on your bike, with the Red Fox tour and bring proof of your tour booking to the event.
  • If a cyclist ticket holder does not arrive to the festival as above, right of admission will be refused.
  • Although tickets are booked via the Shambala website Kambe Events (Shambala Festival) are acting only as an agent for Red Fox Cycling and all guided ride tickets. All responsibility and liability for the rides rests with Red Fox Cycling. Further information on the company and the guided cycle rides is available on their website.
  • Kambe Events Ltd / Shambala Festival are acting as a disclosed agent for the principal Red Fox Cycling. Please see there website for more information and full terms & conditions.

Free Personal Assistant (PA) Tickets

  • Free PA tickets are available to attendees on PIP, DLA middle or higher rate allowances, CredAbility Access Card, evidence of being registered severely sight impaired and a recognised Assistance Dog ID Card.
  • Free PA Tickets must be booked via TheTicketSellers on 01214726688.
  • Eligibility for a PA Ticket does not entitle purchasers to a space in the Accessible Camping Area (ACA).
  • The ACA is provided for those with mobility and/or other specific needs. Spaces must be booked in advance by 1st August using the application form HERE.
  • Spaces are limited, are issued on needs based assessment and on a first come first served basis.
  • Any eligible persons wanting to bring a camper-van, or caravan, to the Accessible Camping Area must purchase the appropriate Accessible Camper Van Pitch ticket
  • Free coach travel is available for PAs accompanying attendees on the coach with PIP, DLA middle or higher rate allowances and those with a CredAbility Access Card and a recognised Assistance Dog ID Card. Must be booked via TheTicketSellers on 01214726688.

Teen Tickets

  • Teen tickets are valid for ages 15 to 17 inclusive ONLY.
  • Ages are applicable on the opening day of the event in any given year.
  • The lead adult purchaser is the assumed guardian and responsible adult for any under 18’s they purchase tickets for.
  • Proof of age will be required at the gate on entry – see below for accepted ID.
  • Teen tickets may only be purchased with/in addition to an existing order of adult tickets, by an adult of 30 years or older.
  • A maximum of 2 Teen tickets (and or a total of 3 minors under 18) per qualifying adult may be purchased.
  • All teens must be accompanied by their associated guardian / adult on the ticket system, upon entry to the festival.

Child Tickets

  • Child tickets are valid for ages 5 to 14 inclusive. Ages are applicable on the opening day of the event in any given year.
  • The lead adult purchaser is the assumed guardian and responsible adult for any under 18’s they purchase tickets for.
  • Proof of age may be required on entry – see below for accepted ID
  • Child tickets may only be purchased with/in addition to an existing order of adult tickets, by an adult of 21 years or older.
  • A maximum of 3 Child tickets (or 2 Teen tickets) per qualifying adult may be purchased.
  • All children must be accompanied by their associated guardian/adult on the ticket system upon entry to the festival.

Under 5yrs Tickets

  • Under 5’s tickets are valid for ages 0-4yrs inclusive. Ages are applicable on the opening day of the event in any given year.
  • Under 5’s tickets must be booked and registered in advance.

Loco Parentis

In case of emergency we need to ensure that we are able to care for under 18’s in their best interests and that may require us to take action immediately, for example medical treatment for a minor. Treatment may require permission from a legal guardian.
It is the lead ticket purchaser’s responsibility for all tickets purchased for those aged under 18, to ensure that a person is identified as the responsible adult via the ticket system. This is done by associating the responsible adult for each under 18 ticket in the order, during the process of adding names and contact information to tickets, and the responsible guardian must:
a) be ‘loco parentis’ for that child whilst at the festival site (this means they are legally entitled to make decisions for that child) in emergencies.
b) have been given permission by the legal guardian of the child to act as loco parentis in emergencies.
c) Be available throughout the festival on the phone number provided on the ticket system.
You agree to these conditions as part of the ticket buying process.

Proof Of Age

All age conditions, on all ticket types apply to the day of opening of Shambala Festival, not the date of ticket purchase.

Photographic proof of identification may be required and must be either Drivers License, Passport, or part of the PASS Scheme – www.pass-scheme.org.uk

Admission may be refused, or surcharges applied, if you arrive at the event with tickets of the wrong age bracket for the holder.


Camper Van Pitches

  • Camper van pitches are valid for converted live-in vehicles, or caravans only.
  • Standard, Quieter, Family and Accessible camper van pitches are 6 x 7 meters.
  • Large camper van pitches are 6 x 10 meters.
  • All pitches and pitch types are valid for one camper van and one additional tent per pitch only. The vehicle and tent must fit within the stated pitch area, including guy ropes.
  • A surchage will be applied at the gate if you have an incorrect ticket.
  • Cars towing caravans will be required to unhitch and park away from the pitch.
  • Family / Quieter campervan passes indicate a greater distance from event sound sources, but it is not guaranteed there will be no noise.
  • Campervans are loaded sequentially on entry and we cannot guarantee that you can be placed near to friends who have arrived at a different time.
  • All pitch fees are subject to an additional £3.00 carbon balancing payment regardless of vehicle type, that is passed directly to Energy Revolution by our ticket agent.

Car Park Passes

  • One Car Park Pass is required per car and must be purchased in advance.
  • It is not permitted that cars are slept in during the event.
  • One Motorcycle Pass is required per motorcycle.
  • Once parked, it is not permitted to exit and re-enter with the vehicle.
  • All car park passes are subject to an additional £1.50 carbon balancing payment passed directly to Energy Revolution by our ticket agent.

Coaches / Shambala Express

  • All departures to site are on the Thursday of the event opening, with morning departures from all points and selected afternoon departures.
  • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they have booked the correct departure point and time.
  • All coaches return from site to their departure points on the Monday after the festival – you are requested to be at the departure point 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Refunds will not be made if you miss your departure on either leg of the journey, nor does Shambala or Kambe Events Ltd have any obligation to secure alternate travel.
  • Please pack sensibly. You must be able to carry your luggage in one go. No trolleys, wheelbarrows, prohibited items, slabs of beer, bikes kitchen sinks etc! You may be asked by coach staff and stewards to leave luggage behind.


  • Each adult ticket booking will incur a £10 refundable Recycling Deposit – regardless of how many people tickets are within the order.
  • The Recycling Deposit is refundable onsite in exchange for a bag of recycling and at the designated Recycling Exchange.
  • Either £10 in cash or a Festival Pack, if you sort your own recycling, or £5 if you ‘drop and go’, may be redeemed onsite.
  • Please note that bags with recyclable and non-recyclable waste mixed will not be accepted. Instructions on recyclable waste can be found on the website, the festival program, and on the waste bags.
  • Those who do not redeem their deposit onsite will forfeit their deposit. It is the ticket holders’ responsibility to be aware of the opening times of the recycling centre, and deposits can only be redeemed onsite by taking the actions outlined above.


  • Although we will do our best to keep you informed of any cancellation, it is the ticket holders’ responsibility to establish whether an event has been cancelled and the date and time of any rearranged event.
  • Kambe Events Ltd has no obligation to refund any monies or exchange tickets should the programme be altered, or varied, for any reason.
  • Tickets are sold “subject to license” approval.
  • In the event of the unforeseen cancellation of the event, tickets may be transferable to a future event, at the discretion of Kambe Events Ltd.
  • Only tickets bought via the official website and issued via our official agent are valid. Avoid disappointment and fraud – please do not buy or sell tickets from anywhere else (forums, eBay, Viagogo, Gum Tree etc).
  • Tickets may not be transferred or re-sold except via official ticket agent channels (TheTicketsSellers).
  • If tickets are found to have been listed, re-sold or transferred for profit, or commercial gain on any unofficial platform (for example being sold on eBay for more than the original face value), by anyone other than Kambe Events Ltd and their ticket agent, they will be voided, the holder refused entry and all tickets in the purchasers order will automatically become non refundable.
  • Under normal circumstances all Shambala Festival tickets are refundable up to 4 weeks ahead of the opening date of the event, excepting those knowingly sold as non refundable e.g. instalment plan tickets.
  • Any refunds are face value (i.e. less booking and transaction fees).
  • All refunds are subject to £5 administration charge (per order), applied and retained by our ticket agent.
  • Refunds within 4 weeks of the opening date of the event are discretionary and Kambe Events Ltd reserves the right to refuse.
  • All ticket and refund enquiries must be directed to the official ticket agent from whom tickets were purchased. The Ticket Sellers (08448700000 / theticketsellers.co.uk)
  • Kambe Events Ltd is unable to accept any liability to replace any tickets lost, stolen, damaged or unauthorised use of e-ticket codes resulting from the sharing, deliberate or accidental, of e-codes by purchasers, after they have been received. NB. Once an e-ticket is used or ‘spent’, it becomes invalid and any further persons attempting to use the e-code will be refused entry.
  • Force Majeure: In the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, extreme weather, epidemics or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors Kambe Events Ltd may be forced to cancel the Festival, and all tickets will become non-refundable.

Terms and Conditions for Bee’s Creche

Bee’s Creche are the agent providing creche services at Shambala. The Bee’s Creche terms and conditions of ticket purchase are:
No refunds will be given out at the festival. If you have booked a session and then realised your child cannot attend, notify us (Bees Creche) 24 hours before, so we  can attempt to refill that place. If we are able to fill your place, we will contact you to confirm a refund within two weeks of the festival ending. This does not apply in the case of the late collection of a child as set out in the Bee’s Creche Terms of Use (here), when any future sessions booked would be voided and nonrefundable.  Refunds are subject to a £5 administration fee which will be deducted from any money refunded. Under no conditions will there be part refunds.


Chris Holland is the agent providing Bush Camp for Shambala. Shambala cannot accept any responsibility for your child whilst under the care of Chris Holland. Bush Camp’s ticket purchase terms and conditions are as follows:
  • Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis on receipt of booking & consent form and payment.
  • Refunds can only be given if we (Bush Camp) are able to refill the booking. Requests for refunds must be 14 days before Bush Camp starts.
  • Refunds cannot be given if your child is returned to you during the camp for any reason.
  • You must be contactable for the duration of the bush camp by mobile phone.
  • In the unlikely event your child must be returned to site and you are un-contactable, your child will be handed to the lost child team on the festival site until we are able to gain contact.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a booking for any reason.


Site rules apply to camping areas, which include the published Campsite Fire Rules (see info page on the website), personal conduct, such as acceptable noise levels, and management of waste. Site rules must be observed. We reserve the right to eject individuals or groups not following the community site rules or displaying antisocial behaviour.

  • Fires are permitted in campsites if off the ground, and deemed to be responsibly managed are permitted. Fires are not permitted in any car parks.
  • No animals may not be brought anywhere on site. (Registered guide dogs are an exception to this rule).
  • No glass is permitted on the festival site for safety. Searches will be carried out on entry. Any items which are not allowed into the event should be left in the owners car and not brought into the festival. Glass identified during searches on entry will be confiscated and forfeited or entry may be denied.
  • You may bring limited amounts of alcohol to site. Per adult the limit is up to 8 cans (or metal bottles) of beer / cider per person OR 1 litres of wine (no glass) OR half a litre of spirits. Excess alcohol may be confiscated.
  • Shambala Festival and Kambe Events Ltd have a no drugs policy and reserve the right to eject anyone suspected of taking illegal substances or infringement of this policy.
  • Our eviction policy also includes the use of nitrous oxide and tagging.

Items which you cannot bring to the festival

  • Glass: We do not allow glass on site for safety reasons
  • Non-personal / Excessive amount of cigarettes [at the descretion of Kambe Events and staff]
  • Non-personal /Excessive amounts of alcohol [at the descretion of Kambe Events and staff]
  • Non-personal /Excessive amounts of soft drinks [at the descretion of Kambe Events and staff]
  • Any items with an intention to retail without prior arrangement.
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Sound Systems [without prior written approval from the Festival]
  • Unauthorised goods with any Shambala logo or branding
  • Body piercing equipment
  • Candle flares [without written approval from the Markets Manager]
  • Floating / sky lanterns
  • Fireworks
  • Generators
  • Lasers
  • Gas bottles larger than 2.7 kg

Shambala’s Nudity Policy

Shambala’s policy on nudity aims to balance a supportive approach to an individual’s wish to feel free and safe to choose to be without clothes, and wider considerations about everyone’s comfort and safety. Shambala considers public nudity of a non-sexual manner to be natural. We welcome respectful [adult] nudity in the campsites and main outdoor festival areas in daylight hours, and of course in the Sauna and Spa areas at all times. As part of our general approach to sexual safety, and a commitment to ensuring everyone’s comfort, nudity is not permitted in indoor venues (other than activities such as talks or workshops where attendees are predominantly seated) or dense crowds due to the anonymity these environments provide for those who may not be acting respectfully or within the law.  Adult nudity is not permitted in the Children’s field (Playtopia) and Woodland Tribe Area’s.

Shambala’s Inclusivity Policy


We want Shambala to be a safer space and strongly believe that everybody has the right to enjoy the festival experience free from harassment, microaggressions, abuse or intimidation. We are committed to ensuring that Shambala is an inclusive space for communities targeted by discrimination such as racism, sexism,  transphobia, ableism and homophobia. We welcome feedback on how we can improve on these efforts. Every person who comes to Shambala, be it crew, artists or audience has a shared responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviours and promote inclusivity. This is a community and every body is welcome. 


  • All attendees must adhere to the rules and regulations of the venue, the event organisers (Kambe Events Ltd) and of Shambala Festival.
  • It is possible that exposure to loud music may cause damage to hearing, please bring your own ear protection.
  • Please be aware that lighting effects including strobe lighting may be used.
  • It is the responsibility of attendees to check gate opening and closing times – which may change without notice. Ticket holders will not be admitted outside of these times.
  • Re-entry of vehicles is not permitted.
  • Kambe Events bears no responsibility, nor can it refund any train tickets purchased by attendees via our Loco2 link. All arrangements are external and any dispute solely between purchaser and Loco2.
  • Re-entry of persons is subject to our exit and re-entry system, and re-entry is at the discretion of Kambe Events Ltd and its staff.
  • Kambe Events Ltd, Shambala Festival and our official agents can accept no responsibility for any personal property. Please do not bring unnecessary valuable items or excessive amounts of cash, as card payments are available on our bars and ATMs are on site.
  • Our photographers and videographers will be on site, capturing images and video recordings of the festival, including the audience. The audience has no rights to these images, and Kambe Events Ltd or any authorised third party is entitled to free use of these images and recordings  in any reasonable manner without claim.
  • We store your personal data when purchasing tickets. This data will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy (available on request) and will not, unless we are legally compelled, be given to any third party. We may contact you with Shambala and Kambe related news and information.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. We encourage you to review regularly for any changes.
  • ROAR – Right of admission reserved by Kambe Events Ltd and Shambala Festival at all times.

All of these terms and conditions are governed by English law.