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2022 will see us team up with the Bee’s Mobile Creche for the ninth year to offer Shambalan parents an amazing crèche with the ethics, professionalism and fun you would expect from Shambala. Go see a band, have a romantic dinner, or just remember what it’s like being at a festival without kids for a few hours.

A friendly swarm of Bees (experienced crèche workers) will be hosting a hive of activity in their new play space. The crèche will cater for children on a 3:1 ratio and offers three 3-hour sessions daily. The crèche will provide a safe play space, with indoor and outdoor fun for 2-7 yr olds. Enjoy the festival knowing your little one is having as much fun as you are, learning about the buzz of the bees.

Bee’s Creche bookings for 2022 are yet to go live – we’ll make sure we email all ticket buyers once they open, so stay tuned!

See below for the ins and out of our Bees Creche offering (subject to be updated).

Basic Info:

  • The crèche is located in a secure area within the Kid’s Field
  • Session times are: 9am – 12noon/ 1pm – 4pm/ 5pm – 8pm
  • The creche opens Friday afternoon and closes Monday afternoon at 12pm
  • Fees are £8 per hour per child.
  • Only one session per child on each day is allowed
  • Bookings taken on a first come first serve basis -online bookings will close when all sessions have been booked
  • The Bee’s Mobile Creche is run by qualified and experienced staff, has public liability insurance and is a not-for-profit project which aims to provide a quality experience for the kids as much as relive the parents for 3 hours.
  • Paediatric First Aid staff are working on all shifts
  • Please read the terms of use.

Each session will offer a wide range of activities:

  • A chill-out space for reading books and playing with age-related toys and jigsaws
  • A covered sandpit with buckets and spades
  • A music and dancing space.
  • The honey dance and our personal favourite dance – the ‘Buzz-buzz-buzz-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle’ – both explain how the Bees dance in the hive to alert other bees to fresh pollen
  • An outdoor space for ball games, hula hoops and general games (weather permitting)

Workshops include:

  • Making bees in a variety of shapes and sizes using cardboard, pipe cleaners etc.
  • Making bee bunting to decorate the crèche and themselves
  • Weaving and cross stitching
  • Tissue paper flowers for our art garden flowers to attract bees into our crèche
  • Making battery-operated night lanterns to take away
  • Hands on Arts and Crafts – plenty of sticking and gluing, painting and drawing, all with a bee theme
  • The Living Wild Flower Garden which will look at flowers and help children remember their names. Also planting seeds, digging and potting and talking about why bees are so important in pollinating plants to make them grow

*Note that when sessions are fully booked you will be unable to select them in the online booking form. If you are booking sessions for more than one child you will need to fill out the online check in form for each individual child. 

You can email enquiries to

What to do at the festival

Feel free to visit us at the crèche with or without your child/children on Thursday afternoon between 5 and 6pm to view the area and ask any questions. Note that you can’t leave your child with us for this session!

Please be aware that the signing-in parent/carer at registration must be the parent/carer to collect the child at the end of the session. No other person will be allowed to leave with that child during or at the end of the session.

Please also note that the Child Sign-in Form must be signed before we can accept the child into the crèche.

The Bee’s Creche terms of use can be found here. 

The Bee’s Creche terms and conditions can be found here.