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It’s a biggun for us this August. Not only will we finally be reunited with the whole Shambala family for the first time in years(!) but it’s also our 20th birthday. Sort of… technically it was in 2020 but the less said about that year the better – and what better way to celebrate than with….

The BIG Shambolic Gift Swap!

We’re inviting ALL of you to bring along a birthday gift for a stranger. We’re not asking you to spend money or to raid the poundshop for plastic tat – we’re hoping you can rustle up something with special meaning to you; a beloved book that changed your outlook, a legendary family recipe*, a mixtape that never fails to turn your mood around.

*No edible gifts please, allergies are a serious business! 

Bring ’em with you over the weekend and keep your eye out for a kind-eyed stranger to bestow your gift upon… maybe it’ll be a chatty kindred spirit you meet in the woods at 2am, maybe it’ll be the family camped next to you who made you a morning brew, maybe it’ll be a helpful steward on the night shift – you’ll know it when you meet them.

Make their day/night/week and bask in the warm glow of being a total sweetheart.

Big love x