Introducing The SanQtuary & ‘Freedom Friday’

We are immensely proud and excited to announce a new venue debuting at Shambala this year: our all new Queer clubhouse, The SanQtuary

And what a better time to tell you folks about it – as Pride Month draws to a close. This month has been a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, reclaim histories and learn better allyship within and from outside of the community. The SanQtuary will continue this spirit right slapbang in Shambala’s fields, as a platform for Queer people to showcase their creativity, learn, celebrate and connect. 

Run by and for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, it is an intersectional and intergenerational space, inspired by the ancestors. During the day get cosy by the wood burner, for some holistic healing, and tap into rich Queer heritage, through talks, workshops, meditation and a good ol’ brew.  

As the sun begins to set, Queens & Cocktails, Shambala’s daily meet and greet, will be a chance to segue smoothly into each night’s offering of cutting-edge performance, wild dance parties and slick DJ sets. 

Come along, explore visions of, and play in, our own Queertopia! 

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Who doesn’t love a make over? We figured it’s about time Fruity Friday slapped a little proverbial lippy on. New and improved, we want Friday to be more than just a titillating play at ‘cross-dressing’: the gender binary’s dead now anyways! We want Friday to be the time when people have free reign to experiment with their gender expression – to be bold and open, in safe and silly, Shambolic surrounds! 

“Fruity,” the delicious cocktail of sweet sweet plant matter, can also have pretty damning connotations. In Britain, the word has historically meant naughty, bawdy and spicy (no bad thing there!), but has also been substitute for notions of the wicked, impure and rotten. In the US “fruity” has subsequently been used as a homophobic slur. This etymology lesson has left us with a sour taste in our mouths…  perhaps it’s time to do away with the word? Time to make Friday as inclusive as possible. 

So, we’re welcoming in FREEDOM FRIDAY – a day for ludicrous, lovely, larger-than-life gender play; a chance for people to experiment; to dress their truest or to test out the absolute opposite; to play pretend; to proclaim “IT’S ME”; to revel in body positivity. We hope you’ll get stuck in and embrace the name change. This is an invitation to up-the-ante, covered up, stripped down or dressed to the nines – and celebrate freedom, as we enter this next chapter in our adventures.

Big love,

The Shambala Team x