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There is an awful lot happening in the world of events and transacting on site. As ever, we want to be transparent about the steps we are taking and clear with the information we provide so you know what to expect!

We have trialled several new systems at our smaller events over the last few years, including going fully cashless at our Camp Kin events in 2021. However, we are uncomfortable with the ethics and some elements of implementation of current RFID schemes available and are not going RFID cashless at this year’s Shambala.

Instead, we are continuing the developments and mode of operation adopted at Shambino. There are huge benefits in terms of security, operations and the on site experience of reducing cash transactions at the event. 

At Shambala 2023 all our festival bars, food traders, merchandise points, our public info point and the tobacco kiosk, accepted contactless card payments (including chip and pin processing and mobile phone activated payments such as Apple pay). 

Our bars, merchandise points, the tobacco kiosk and the public info point will not accept cash. In order to spend cash at these locations you will need to visit the Kiosk (next to Public Info) to exchange and load your cash onto Cash To Card.

Cash to Card can be used at;

  • Festival Bars (excluding some micro-bars)
  • Public Info (full merchandise range available here)
  • Tobacco kiosk
  • Any other participating vendors

Cash to Card is a biodegradable wallet sized card with a unique (and anonymous) QR code. This can then be used to pay for goods at any of the above locations.

  • Cash to Card cannot be used at food trader outlets
  • Cash to Card cannot be used at any other merchandise points except Public Info
  • There are no transaction fees, nor charges for the Cash To Card scheme
  • Part payments can be made using Cash to Card and contactless debit / credit cards, at participating points of sale
  • Shambalans may apply any amount of cash to their Cash To Card, but change will not be issued from the Kiosk.
  • Due to the anonymous nature of the system, lost cards and balances cannot be replaced (same as with cash, really!)
  • Concurrently, we are unable to offer refunds on any residual funds left on Cash To Card cards – so don’t put on more than you’re going to spend.
  • Cash may be accepted at other points of sale, such as food outlets, rides and traders at the discretion of the vendor

There will be on-site ATMs at Shambala, but cash-free contactless payments play an important role in improving security and safety for all and simplifying operations. Please choose contactless/card payments if you can!