EDIT: Cyclist Festival tickets now sold out! Thanks to all who booked! x

We may have sold out weeks ago, but we’ve been sitting on a special little pot of adult tickets, especially for those of you who fancy a challenge; travelling to Shambala by pedal power alone from Bristol or London!

These tickets are £15 cheaper than regular final tier tickets but must be bought in conjunction with a Red Fox cycle tour.

How it works

The first thing to note is; just like how our coach package tickets are only valid for entry if you arrive by coach – these tickets are specifically for cyclists, riding from Bristol or London to Shambala, on our guided cycle ride. If you snap one up, but don’t arrive at the festival this way – the ticket is not valid for entry, so please only book one if you intend to bike there with the Red Fox Cycling Tour.

  • Bristol riders leave on Tuesday 21st August, from Bristol Temple Meads train station at 11am.
  • London riders leave on Wednesday 22nd August, from Willesden Junction Station at 11am.

Both routes have been tried and tested – they are scenic, safe and frequently off road. Bristol riders have two overnight stops on the way, London riders have one.

Both sets of riders will be accompanied by a support van which will carry everything that you don’t want to!


More info on all Red Fox’s prices and packages can be found here.


The folks at Red Fox Cycling have handpicked campsites for our riders to lay their weary heads, on route. The cost of your tent pitch is included in your package. You can either bring your own tent along in the support van, put it up and take it down yourself, or for an extra fee, the Red Fox Cycling team can sort you a ‘comfy upgrade’ where they will pre-pitch one of their tents for you with an air-mat and travel pillow – just choose that open when you book your spot on their web page.


The Red Fox team have your breakfast and lunch covered – you’ll either be booked in for pub lunches/meals on the way, or the team will rustle you up some tasty grub from the support van – complete with tables and chairs for an alfresco meal. They’ll also sort out snack breaks along the way. Dinner is up to you, but the Red Fox team have suggestions for local food options close to each campsite.


Both rides are set to arrive at Shambala on Thursday, early afternoon. You’ll also get a free programme on arrival, a discount on massages for those weary bike muscles, and secure bike storage.


Don’t worry, nobody expects you to cycle back from the festival too! You’ve already proved that you are absolute warriors, so for gods sake put your feet up! If you’ve got pals at the festival with room in their vehicle for your bike, feel free to jump in with them, but Red Fox will also be offering a return journey in a coach, back to Bristol Temple Meads or Willesden Junction station for an additional £15 – your trusty bikes will be transferred back in the support van at the same time.


If you’ve still got your stabilisers on, this probably ain’t for you – however, it’s hardly the Tour De France, either. The Red Fox team have tried the routes themselves and have deemed them both ‘moderate’. You are looking at covering about 45 miles a day (with snack stops and rest breaks, naturally) so please take this into account when deciding if this is for you – if you’ve never cycled very far before, have a good old think about whether you’d manage – and perhaps do a bit of training.


Red Fox is a brand new partner for us, and there’s nothing to say that we won’t open it up to other cities in the future, if the demand is there. Statistically, London and Bristol are the ‘top’ two cities you lot seem to travel from, to Shambala, so it seemed to make sense to launch it there.


The rides cover a fair old distance, so this is adults only really, though an exception could be made if you’d like to bring a particularly cycling-mad teen with you, who has previously covered distances like this happily. Drop us an email on enquiries@shambalafestival.org if you think your teen fits the bill and you’re keen to get them booked on with you.


Book your Red Fox Cyclist Festival ticket on our ticket page, HERE, first (under ‘Cycle Tickets’)

Then head to the Red Fox Cycling page HERE to book your spot on the ride from either Bristol or London.


You can find out heaps more about the rides and itineraries on the Red Fox website – drop them a line direct if you have any specific questions about the ride.

Love, The Shambala Team x