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Hello, you lovely lot.

We can now confirm that you’ve snapped up the very last of our Shambala Express Coach Packages, meaning the only adult entry tickets remaining for Shambala 2022 are Red Fox Cyclist Packages.

These tickets  must be booked in conjunction with a Red Fox Cycling Tour from Bristol, Brighton, London or Sheffield. You MUST arrive as part of one of these cycling tours for your ticket to be valid for entry.


  • It’s a bargain! Not only are our Cyclist tickets priced £20 cheaper than regular entry tickets, the Red Fox guided bike tour costs half what you would expect for a regular cycling holiday.
  • It’s fun! Take the scenic route, stop at beautiful campsites along the way and arrive at Shambala with a host of new pals.
  • All routes have been tried and tested – they are scenic, safe and frequently off road.
  • You don’t have to carry your stuff. Riders will be accompanied by a support van which will carry everything that you don’t want to!
  • You don’t have to cycle home! If you’ve got pals at the festival with room in their vehicle for your bike, feel free to jump in with them, but Red Fox will also be offering a return journey in a coach, back to your departure city for an additional £30 – your trusty bikes will be transferred back in the support van at the same time. If you do want to cycle home (bravo!) just book the outward journey option from the ticket page.
  • They’ll feed ya! The Red Fox team have your breakfast and lunch covered – you’ll either be booked in for pub lunches/meals on the way, or the team will rustle you up some tasty grub from the support van – complete with tables and chairs for an alfresco meal. They’ll also sort out snack breaks along the way. Dinner is self-funded, but the Red Fox team always organise a group dinner in a local pub or catering in our campsite so you don’t have to make a plan. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings
  • Stop off at gorgeous campsites along the way. The folks at Red Fox Cycling have handpicked campsites for our riders to lay their weary heads, on route. The cost of your tent pitch is included in your package. You can either bring your own tent along in the support van, put it up and take it down yourself, or for an extra fee, Red Fox team can sort you a ‘comfy upgrade’ where they will pre-pitch one of their tents for you with an air-mat and travel pillow – the Red Fox team will invite you to book this option in Spring 2022.
  • Challenge yourself! If you’ve still got your stabilisers on, this probably ain’t for you, but it’s not the Tour de France either. The Red Fox team deem the routes largely ‘moderate’ but with some challenging sections (particularly on the Brighton and Bristol rides). You are looking at covering about 45 miles a day – except Brighton where you’re looking at approx 55 miles a day (with snack stops and rest breaks, naturally) so please take this into account when deciding if this is for you.
  • We’ll spoil you on site! All rides are set to arrive at Shambala on Thursday, early evening. You’ll get a free programme when you arrive and secure bike storage. As an extra well done, lovely Annette who runs our Shambala Healing Fields will be hosting two FREE revitalising, relaxing, muscle-healing workshops for all red fox cyclists on Thursday and Friday evening!

How long does it take?

How do I book?

  1. Head to our ticket page here, bag one of the ticket types called either ‘SHAMBALA 2022 GENERAL RELEASE ADULT CYCLIST’ or (if you’d rather pay in chunks) INSTALMENT PLAN (£199) – SHAMBALA 2022 GENERAL RELEASE ADULT CYCLIST, add it to your basket!
  2. Scroll down to the ticket page section entitled TOUR DE SHAMBALA: RED FOX GUIDED BIKE RIDE TICKETS’ and select which city you’d like to depart from, and whether you want a one way journey or whether or not you want a lift home.
  3. Proceed to payment and you’re ready to roll!

Want to cycle independently from a Red Fox tour? Whilst we welcome cyclists to Shambala who have made their own way there, our Cyclist Packages are currently only applicable for those who book onto (and arrive with) a Red Fox bike ride. We are looking at ways to reward independent cyclists in future but for now you do need to join up with Red Fox to use these ticket types.

Want to bring the kids? The rides cover a fair old distance, so this is adults only really, though an exception could be made if you’d like to bring a particularly cycling-mad teen with you, who has previously covered distances like this happily. Drop us an email on if you think your teen fits the bill and you’re keen to get them booked on with you.

Happy cycling! x