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Continental Drifts

Since 1996, Continental Drifts have been producing events that get people talking. As their name suggests, Continental Drifts pulls from, celebrates, and elevates music beyond national and genre boundaries.

Over twenty years they have built up a legendary reputation for providing music that weaves time-honoured sounds with new cultures, creating a following for ‘21st century remix.’ Taste-makers in their own right, Continental Drift hang about the cutting-edge of the music industry, paying attention to emerging talents and hybrid sounds.

Working on community events and in major venue programming, Continental Drift is committed to connecting musical currents and fusions in order to bring people together under the most innovative of grooves. Managing Global Local, a project funded by the Arts Council England, Continental Drift maintain direct links to all of the freshest hybrid sounds emerging from London’s underground scene.

At Shambala, they programme the wonderful sounds of Bayou’s.