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UK Water Charity, FRANK Water works with us to support our ‘Bring A Bottle’ scheme providing tap water refills across the festival site.

FRANK Water helps change lives by providing access to safe drinking water and sanitation for some of the most marginalised villages in India. Since 2005, FRANK Water has reached more than 325,000 across 330 communities in India.

The £13,500 raised from refillable bottle sales in 2014, 2015 and 2016 has helped fund taps and toilets for people like Kantam.

Kantam is 65 years old. Until three months ago, it’d take her around 4 hours per day to collect the 130 litres she needed for her family to drink, cook and wash with.

In the rainy season, collecting water was a slippery, dirty, depressing task. In the dry season, the water source would dry to almost nothing and arguments would break out over how much water each family was allowed.

Over the last 3 months, things have changed. Support from FRANK Water and our local partner, VJNNS, along with hard work from the 300 people who live in the village means that Galipadu is now connected to a gravity-fed water system, which feeds safe, fresh water from a mountain spring to four taps around the village.

The moment water started flowing from the taps, Kantam’s life changed.

“The new tap is in the village, near my house, so my water problems are solved in two ways. I have clean water. I have water near my house. I have a new way of life,” she smiles.

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You can buy a limited edition Shambala steel bottle online  when you by your tickets, or just log into your ticket account. The bottles will be available to collect when you arrive onsite.