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The Nest Collective

Formed in 2006 by Mercury nominated singer Sam Lee, The Nest Collective is an acoustic folk club pushing the musical boundaries within the promotion of folk, world and traditional music.

Providing a platform for the resurgence of diverse folk traditions, The Nest Collective is concerned with creating spaces where the listening to and performing of folk can transform the way we connect with music and our past. Hosting a variety of unplugged fireside events, seminars and ceilidhs, The Nest Collective is all about celebrating and elevating folk roots and following its modern innovations.

Their Song Collectors Collective celebrates those that conserve rare oral culture in Britain and beyond while empowering a new generation of song and story collectors, documenting the rich histories of folklore and weaving yarns, old and new.

The Nest Collective have hosted an impressive roster of artists over the years, many of whom have graced the stages of Shambala. Sankofa’s lineup is programmed in partnership between The Nest Collective and Shambala, bringing you sounds immersed in the roots and shoots of acoustic folk, blues, jazz and roots music from around the world.