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Founded in 2007, Wormfood set out to unify audiences under the various sounds of Africa, celebrating quality musicianship and positive vibes. Now, Wormfood represent, support and curate  forward-thinking music to move to from all around the world, specialising in the cross-currents between afro, jazz and electronics.

Wormfood are involved with an impressive selection of projects, including one with Shambala’s friends over at Continental Drifts. Here Wormfood curated the ‘African Rootmaster’ section of the Arts Council-funded Global Local Programme, helping nurture and develop the UK’s homegrown African music talent. Setting up their record label in 2014, Wormfood have Shambala favourites Nubiyan Twist and Onipa on their books.

Their name, ‘wormfood,’ is a nod to the nourishing cycle of life and death, and their work celebrates the fertile soil of music flows and how it can bring people together – a commitment to community that certainly resonates with Shambala’s values.