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We’re getting an awful lot of messages at the moment asking when there will be a resale, or when more Shambala tickets may become available.. for clarity – we’re not quite sold out just yet!


We’ve still got Shambala Express Coach packages available from a host of major cities – Bristol, Birmingham, London, Brighton, Sheffield & Manchester.


Not only are these ticket packages priced £20 cheaper than general entry, you also don’t have to faff about with booking a car parking space, forking out for fuel or driving home with a hangover (…which basically means you can stay up much later on the Sunday night without getting drive-home-anxiety. Winner!)

All our coaches arrive to site on the Thursday and include your return journey on the Monday. Get the party started early, kick back with exclusive musical mixes just for our coach travellers, compete for prizes in our Shambala Express Quiz – or just curl up, get stuck into your book and watch the countryside whizz by, if that’s more your vibe!

You even get a dedicated coach traveller entry on site, to beat the queues.



All you have to do is get yourselves to one of ‘em!

We appreciate heading to Manchester to get a coach if you live in the depths of Cornwall would be wildly silly – but any of our Proper-Southern-Shambalans will likely find they’d be passing through Birmingham for example, on their way to Shambala anyway.

If you can just get yourselves to central Birmingham on the Thursday, our Shambala Express Coaches will scoop you up and you should be at Shambala in less than an hour. EASY.

Likewise, wherever you’re based, if you’d be passing through the vicinity of Brighton, London, Manchester or Sheffield on your way (which, for most of you, is pretty likely) let the Shambala Express coach do the hard work for you.



Great – our coaches are family friendly, with hundreds of families choosing to come by coach each year – our youngest passenger last year was a mere four months old.

If all that wasn’t enough, you’d be doing your bit to keep our carbon footprint down.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to reduce our carbon footprint over the past few decades – it’s 90% lower than it was which is wicked, but the vast, vast majority of our remaining footprint comes down to audience travel.

2022 saw our carbon footprint INCREASE for the first time in years, due to more people choosing to drive – so Shambala Coach travellers are all absolute legends in our eyes. Come bask in the smug, warm glow of being a sustainable travel hero.

*Please do bear in mind that Shambala Express coach packages are strictly only valid for entry if you actually get the coach – don’t book one and then drive anyway, as you will be turned away – no ifs, no buts!*


Book one of our last remaining coach tickets HERE.

Read more detail about the various coach packages HERE.

Big love, as ever!

Sham HQ x