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Why have the worry of what to do with your car keys, passport, bags, beer crates and other valuables when you could leave them with us to look after till you need them? Keep your valuables safe at the festival by using our secure lock up unit – provided by CND and run by volunteers with all income going to the campaign.

Bookings for lockers in 2021 have yet to be opened – please check back.

The locker area is secure and staffed 24 hours a day to ensure your stuff is kept safe and you can come and collect and deposit your items at any time. You just need to ensure that all items are collected before noon on the Monday, so the lovely folks at CND can go home! For a single payment you can bring and take your items as many times as you like for the duration of the festival!

They’ve reduced prices this year to £3 for anything that will fit into a large envelope (think car keys, passports, bank cards etc) and £5 for a shelf space suitable for 1 large rucksack. What you put in that space (tents, instruments, crazy costumes or whatever else you like) is up to you – if you have a load of stuff just buy two spaces.

On site bookings are welcome too, but are subject to availability – so you may be best to book in advance!