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Wow – a record shattering amount of you have bagged your tickets for Shambala 2022. All regular entry tickets have been snapped up, and only Coach and Cyclist packages remain!

Both Shambala Express Packages and Red Fox Cyclist Packages are  priced £20 cheaper than regular entry tickets, as a thank you for choosing to travel sustainably..

Please do not book either of these ticket types if you don’t intend to arrive via coach or as part of a Red Fox cycling tour.

Coach packages MUST be bought in conjunction with coach travel tickets (from Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield or London) and you MUST arrive on the coach, or your tickets will not be valid for entry. No ifs, no buts, no exceptions – so do not book if you are not up for arriving by coach. All coaches depart on the Thursday and return on the Monday. You can read all about the Coach packages here.

Likewise, Cyclist tickets MUST be booked in conjunction with a Red Fox Cycling tour from Bristol, London, Sheffield or Brighton and are only valid for entry if you arrive with Red Fox. Red Fox guided tour costs half what you would expect for a regular cycling holiday, so this really is a bargain. Take the scenic route, stop at beautiful campsites along the way and arrive at Shambala with a host of new pals. You can read all about the various Cycling tours here.


All tickets for Shambala are refundable up to 4 weeks before, with the exception of Instalment ticket types – so there is truly no reason for anybody to be selling their tickets on when they could just claim a refund and have their tickets securely returned to sale through The Ticket Sellers, so be very suspicious of anybody offering!

Scammers have also cottoned on to the fact Camper Van passes are in very high demand. Camper van passes are also refundable, so again, be very wary if someone is trying to sell you a camper van pass rather than refunding it. Unless it’s someone you actually know (or a friend can vouch for them) be very, very careful! Any refunded camper van passes will be returned to sale as and when they are processed, so keep a beady eye on the ticket page and move quick if you see one appear. We do not operate a waiting list for camper van passes.

Remember – all tickets need to match ID on arrival. ONLY tickets bought from The Ticket Sellers are valid for entry. Every year we have to turn people away at the gates who have bought fraudulent tickets at vastly inflated prices from 3rd party ticket tout sites – don’t be caught out. 

A huge thank you to everybody who has already booked – we can not wait to celebrate 20 years of Adventures in Utopia with you all at long last. xx