2017 saw 33 tents left behind at Shambala, out of a crowd of 15,000. In 2018, that figure increased 445% to 180 tents. Pretty gutting.

Our audience are a famously conscientious, sustainability-minded and generally lovely bunch, so it says a lot that even Shambala has not been safe from this creeping trend of throwaway culture. Leaving your tent behind is never okay, it’s unacceptable and utterly avoidable.

Each year, an estimated 250,000 tents are left at music festivals across the UK. The majority of these can’t be repurposed or recycled, meaning the vast majority end up in landfill.

To put that into a different metric: if the average tent weighs 3.5kg of mainly plastic materials, which is the equivalent of 8,750 plastic straws. That’s a serious waste problem.

So, alongside over 60 other independent UK festivals and the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), we’re saying no to single use tents.

We’ll not only be encouraging behavioural shifts by calling ALL festival goers to take responsibility and bring their tents home, but AIF have also issued a cease and desist to retailers such as Argos and Tesco to ditch promoting flimsy tent tat.

Check out the video below. Please, share it far and wide – and please, please, please take your tents home this year.

Find out more about this campaign HERE. 

Big love, The Shambala Team x