The Shambala ‘Best Kept Garden’ Association

Let’s talk campsites. In keeping with this years’ Carnival Theme (Avant Garden) we want to see you all treating your campsites as your own personal garden for the weekend. We’re not expecting you to mow the lawn or bring your own garden gnomes (though gnomes are always welcome) – but rather please do your bit to keep them tended, tidy, well loved and beautiful.

Historically, our crowd are generally pretty amazing when it comes to putting things in the correct bin, and leaving the campsites spick and span before you all depart – but let’s make a real effort to keep them looking their best across the full festival, it’s your home for the weekend after all. With this in mind, whilst in your campsite this year, you may be paid a visit by some tweed-clad, rather snooty looking judges from the Shambala Best Kept Garden Association who will judge your gardening efforts, in comparison to your neighbours and will be giving out prizes to the winners.

Make us proud!