The Shambala Podcast

“This is a taste of what it’s like to be in a tribe again” – Bruce Parry, Shambala 2017


We love podcasts. You love podcasts. Everybody loves podcasts. At Shambala 2017, we sent intrepid pod-reporters, Melissa Kidd and Sarah Cuddon bimbling around the site, recording equipment in hand, to soak up all the joyful encounters, bizarre exchanges and conversational gems, floating through the Summer air.

The result is a glorious twenty minute dose of audio-sunshine, featuring Shambala co-founders Chris and Sid, explorer and documentarian Bruce Parry, legendary poet Benjamin Zephaniah and a whole host of hilarious and wise festival goers.¬†Expect uniquorn sausages, a whole horde of Jeremy Corbyns and a tiny Shambalan’s heart-achingly sweet guide to recycling.

Excellent, life-affirming listening for cooking, tidying, commuting or sitting quietly with the lights off, beaming and dreaming of your next adventure in utopia.

Huge thanks to Melissa & Sarah for their wonderful work putting this together – and thank you to everybody who took part and shared their stories!

Love, the Shambala team x