Tickets on sale Monday October 29th at 1pm!

Set those alarms! Tickets for Shambala 2019 will go on sale on Monday, October 29th, at 1pm sharp.


This year, we are simplifying things by only offering three different price tiers – rather than five. You’ll be pleased to know were are offering way more Tier Ones than usual – nearly four times as many as last year! As usual, the only difference between the tiers is price – the lower the tier, the cheaper the ticket, as a reward to early bookers. Please choose the lowest tier available.

‘Sustainable’ travel packages, e.g. Shambala Express Coach packages and Red Fox cyclist tickets are £15 cheaper than regular tickets – as a thank you for keeping things green – keep reading for more info on these ticket options.


  • After taking Shambalan feedback on board, we have decided to now offer ‘instalment’ tickets (aka payment plan) for every tier, rather than just at final tier prices.
  • We will also be offering instalment ticket versions of the Shambala Express Coach Packages and Red Fox Cyclist tickets.
  • Instalment payments will now be automated. Previously, it has been up to the buyer to pay off the instalments manually – however this year, instalments will come out of your bank account automatically, every month, on specified dates.
  • With this in mind, if your card details change after you have made your first down payment, you MUST keep your card details up to date in your TTS account.
  • You will receive a reminder email a week prior to each payment. It is your responsibility to keep your email address up to date and in your safe list.
  • If you miss an instalment, through lack of funds in your bank account, the payment plan is cancelled and you will receive an email containing a link which you can use to pay the balance, which you must do within 7 days to keep your ticket.


If you would like to book a Shambala Express Coach Package or Red Fox Cyclist ticket (either all in one go or in instalments) make sure you expand the Shambala Express or Red Fox Cycling dropdown sections to select the correct ticket type.


Both Shambala Express Packages and Red Fox Cyclist tickets are £15 cheaper than regular tickets, and we have waived booking fees on the coach journeys/bike tours, as an extra incentive to leave the car at home. In the same vein, this year if you do decide to drive to Shambala in a car or camper van, you will need to make a small but mandatory donation to Energy Revolution, to offset the carbon emissions you will create on the way. 100% of this donation will be put towards renewable energy projects.


  • Shambala Express Coach Packages are cheaper, greener and mean you don’t need to have the prospect of a Monday morning hangover drive looming over you all weekend.
  • However, Coach Packages are only valid for entry if you come on the coach. They are discounted for this reason. You will not be allowed entry if you turn up in a car. Carbon emissions, innit.
  • Our coaches operate from Bristol, Brighton, London, Manchester and Sheffield.


  • Of the back of 2018’s success, Red Fox Cycling will once again be hosting guided bike rides to Shambala, from Bristol and London – as well as a new ride, from Sheffield!
  • If you buy a cyclist ticket, you must arrive at Shambala via the Red Fox guided cycling tours, from Bristol, London or Sheffield for your ticket to be valid for entry.
  • Once you’ve booked your Shambala Cyclist ticket, you need to book on to a Red Fox tour from your chosen city – unlike last year, these are booked direct from us, and are listed under the Red Fox adult tickets on the ticketing page. You can choose just the outward journey, and make your own way back, or choose a return journey, and Red Fox will bus you back to your starting city, along with your trusty bike.


  • Lower tier (cheaper) tickets tend to fly out FAST, as demand outstrips supply. If you have never purchased tickets through The Ticket Sellers before, save time by creating your account in advance of ticket release – you can do that HERE.
  • If you have booked through The Ticket Sellers before, we’d recommend just double checking you have your log in details to hand, in good time – to save you any forgotten-password dramas on the day, when time is of the essence. You can check your log in details here. 
  • Make sure you have your debit/credit card ready (and a spare if possible – some banks decline one-off payments) that matches your billing address and have all the correct details of the people you are purchasing tickets for (name, email addresses, postcode).
  • Choose your tickets and click ‘Reserve Tickets’ at the bottom of the page – your tickets aren’t reserved until they’re in your basket!! You then have 15 minutes to complete the purchase before they disappear!
  • It is only the early tiers that have such high demand.  Concentrate on bagging your entry tickets first.  You can log back in for other tickets (car passes, kid’s tickets etc) later if needed.

You can check out our full tickets terms and conditions here. 

God speed!

Love, the Shambala team! x