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WARNING: Please don’t buy tickets from third parties!

Hi all! Just a friendly reminder that any tickets bought from any third parties may not be legitimate. We’ve already started to see Shambala tickets pop up on various ticket selling sites, for vastly inflated prices. Every year, people get stung, and turned away, because the second hand ticket they forked out a fortune for was not real, or did not have their name on – names on tickets MUST match your ID on arrival – a lot of the major third party ticket selling sites do not offer this option, as the purchase is anonymous.

If you buy off somebody who has shown you that they have changed the name on the ticket over to yours, be aware there is nothing to stop them changing it multiple times, or changing it back.  The only 100% safe way to know your ticket is valid is to buy it through the ticketing page on our website (HERE) or through our only official ticketing partner, The Ticket Sellers (HERE).
 If you turn up with a ticket bought from a third party, that is not genuine (or is genuine, but doesn’t have your name on) we’re sorry to say we will turn you away. 


There are a few adult Shambala Express tickets available but you must get the coach to the festival for these tickets to be valid. More on that HERE.


Love, the Shambala team x