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A word of warning to those of you who are seeking tickets for Shambala 2022 – be VERY wary of anybody claiming to have tickets to sell, when they could just claim a refund – we have a generous refund policy specifically for this reason, to try and keep you all safe, so there’s no need for people to be selling on to strangers. Unfortunately, we are targeted by scammers every year – we are removing them as we go, but it’s like a game of whack-a-mole! So please be careful with your hard earned dosh and don’t be tempted to try your luck with anyone selling tickets.

ONLY tickets purchased through The Ticket Sellers are valid for entry.

The Ticket Sellers are our only ticket agent, please do not purchase tickets from any other platforms for your own security. Tickets must match your name on arrival so purchasing through third party sellers (such as Viagogo, who resell tickets for vastly inflated sums) will likely see you turned away at the gate.

We offer refunds on all ticket types (other than instalment) for up to 4 weeks before the event, so there’s reason to be suspicious if folks are claiming to have tickets to sell! If you missed out on tickets keep your eyes peeled on our ticket page, as refunded tickets will be automatically returned to sale.

Take care out there and look out for each other! x