Meat Free Shambala

In 2016, we made the decision to remove meat and fish from our on-site food offering, for both the public and our festival staff. For us, the decision was an environmental one. If we’re serious about being the most sustainable festival on the planet, we can’t ignore the undisputable evidence that a diet predominantly based on meat and fish is having a devastating effect on this little blue and green marble we call home.

This was our most controversial environmental initiative to date – would it drastically affect ticket sales? Would we be regaling future generations about the great Shambala Bacon Riots of 2016? We needn’t have worried! Our food traders went down an absolute storm, and we were blown away when our post-event survey showed 77% of respondents wanted to keep Shambala meat and fish free. Even more incredible was that 33% of you reporting reducing your meat and fish intake since the festival (that’s not counting the 30% of you that were already veggie or vegan).

We feel we’ve only just begun to explore the complex issues around sustainable food and we’re committed to continuing the debate. So, whilst the food traders on site will absolutely remain vegetarian or vegan, we are considering ways we can introduce a few sustainable meat and fish options in thought provoking and unexpected and educational ways. Watch this space and let’s continue to explore together…

Read more about our meat and fish free initiative HERE.