Freedom Friday Shambala 2018 © George Harrison


Get shining those shoes and bouffing those bouffants, ready for the first ever Freedom Friday Pageant! A high fashion, high drama hybrid of the drag ballrooms of 1980’s NYC and Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion – hosted by those irrepressible scamps, The Dance Off. What could possibly go wrong?

In keeping with the spirit of Freedom Friday, we ask you to leave the boring old binary at the door and revel in ludicrous, lovely, larger than life gender fudgery.

Our fabulous judges care not a jot for conventional beauty standards. This is all about attitude and outfits, outrageous experimentation, body positivity and daring drag. Sign up on site to enter, parade the runway to rapturous applause and be in with a chance to be crowned Qing or Kween of Shambala 2019!

A prize fit for royalty

Our Qing and Kween will bag themselves a glittering crown each and the best seats in the house for Sunday night’s closing ceremony – an exclusive Shambala Springs hot tub session, for both our winners + 2 friends each, in prime lakeside position to enjoy the fireworks.

Best get practising those death drops!