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A reminder to all you keen costume crafters, our 2022 Carnival theme is a rollover from the simple, halcyon days of early 2020, when you lot voted in your droves, for the following theme:

♣️ GAME ON! ♠️

What’s a birthday bash without a few party games?! We invite you to pay tribute to the power of PLAY; from haughty chess queens to slippery snakes and ladders, a rambunctious rabble of Scrabble letters or Professor Mustard up to no good in the drawing room with a candlestick. Swooping space raiders, giant eggs on giant spoons, an orchestra of noisy musical statues, a living twister board, a lake full of hungry hippos, human skittles – it’s all to play for, just roll the dice…

We’ve put together a little mood board of our favourite inspiration images over on our Facebook page, to get those creative juices a-flowing. Remember -we ask you to please craft your carnival costumes consciously – from recycled or second hand materials only.

Big love x