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On Site Delivery Address:

Your Name, Your Stall Name

FAO Traders Team

Shambala Festival

Red Gate Production Entrance

Kelmarsh Hall Event Site



Cash on the Move will provide secure onsite cash banking services for traders, including supplying floats (coins and notes) and banking notes and unused coins. The banking unit will be positioned in a secure location onsite and will be open for the exclusive use of traders between 9am – 7pm from Thursday 22nd August until Sunday 25th August, and 9am – 12 noon on Monday 26th August. Collection of float orders can be arranged for Wednesday 21st August. Only cash will be accepted for banking (no cheques). All funds banked will arrive in your nominated bank account on or before Friday 30th September.

It is a requirement for all traders to facilitate contactless payment by debit or credit card on site in 2024. Our event site has historically poor 3G/4G signal which disappears for many when the audience arrives. We have asked all stalls and concessions at the event to contribute to a wired network that will provide dedicated network access for you and enable more reliable use of your own point of sale devices (POS) eg Sum Up or iZettle etc. Each POS will need to be manually authorised to access the network by our dedicated onsite WIFI team, there will be no trader password at Shambala 2024. Please bring your devices to the onsite trader meeting where the team will be on hand to get you setup.

Traders should ensure that any hardware used on the system:

  • Is up to date with software installs
  • Is connected to a mobile that is from 2019 or newer
  • Has 5G capacity
  • They should also ensure that nothing is ever directly plugged in to the network as this will affect wifi for all traders.

If you would like to hire a device to accept contactless payments please check our Recommended Suppliers List.

  • Deliveries must take place before 10am.
  • You must provide the Traders Team with a list of all expected deliveries, showing the expected date / time of arrival, along with the correct contact number for your stall.
  • Delivery drivers can obtain a delivery pass on arrival.
  • The maximum speed limit on site is 10mph.
  • In adverse weather conditions, a ban on all vehicle movement may be imposed and your deliveries will be managed from the trader drop off point.
  • Our Oat Milk supplier and some recommended suppliers deliver to site throughout the weekend, please contact the suppliers to pre-arrange this with them.

All traders at Shambala must include these meal options on their menu:

+ A hot, main meal option for an adult priced at £7.00 or less

+ A hot main meal option for a child priced at £4.50 or less

This is an important compulsory part of trading with us at Shambala. Please display these options prominently on your menu boards.

  • All gas appliances must comply with the relevant regulations, have current certification and be signed off as ‘safe’ by our onsite Gas Safe Technician before they can be used.
  • IMPORTANT: All gas appliances must be fitted with a Flame Failure Device (FFD) otherwise they cannot be used on site.
  • Only one spare bottle of LPG can be stored at your stall at any one time. Additional cylinders must be stored in the site gas store.
  • Our onsite propane supplier Festival Gas will remove empties and provide new cylinders as needed. You can arrange delivery / collection with the trader team or by texting the trader team’s text line number provided on site.
  • Cylinder deliveries will be carried out before 10am each day.
  • Our onsite supplier will contact you prior to the show for you to pre-order your propane.
  • No amplified music or PA systems are allowed unless it has been agreed in advance.
  • Music must be kept to a reasonable volume as the site has strict noise levels that we must comply with – if you can hear it 1m away, its too loud!
  • If you are told to turn it down, please do so or you risk your equipment being confiscated.

Managers from all stalls are required to attend an onsite managers meeting on Wednesday pre show at 20:00 in the production yurt, production village. Here we’ll run you through all the initiatives and how they work. You’ll meet the team, be walked through the various essential info regarding how the festival operates and have a chance to ask any questions / raise any issues. See you there!

  • Any front of house displays must be kept to within 2m of your stall, so as not to block fire lanes.
  • You must also keep the area 10m in front of your stall tidy and free of litter but please do not install your own front of house bins as it compromises our recycling systems.

Full power is active on site from Wednesday lunchtime.

In order that you can chill your perishable produce we will provide (extremely) limited power to all traders on Tuesday. Important – This power will only be for fridges and freezers!

Tuesday Power

Only for low energy uses:

  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Laptops

Do not plug in or use:

  • Kettles
  • Refrigerated trailers / freezer vans (see below)
  • Anything else!

Fridge/Freezer trailers will be asked to park in a dedicated place on Monday and Tuesday so that they can be powered properly until full site power is provided. We will provide a power connection to within 25m of your stall. You must bring enough cable in order to safely connect to our supply.

If you have any problems with your power, please contact the trader team.


• During the build and break periods the Shambala site is a building site and as such complies to CDM regulations.

• Children must be supervised at all times and should be kept out of the arena and away from build / break activities during set and take down periods. We discourage you from bringing children on to site during these times.

• Everyone on site must wear a hi-viz tabard at all times during build and break periods. If you do not bring your own, you must purchase one for each of your team on arrival.

• You will be taken through our site safety induction on arrival.

After the event we will refund your trader bond if you have:

  • Left your pitch clean and litter free
  • Taken back waste note specific to trading at Shambala
  • Managed your recycling throughout the festival
  • Returned any equipment or resources either borrowed or hired from the festival
  • Settled all outstanding financial arrangements with Kambe Events Ltd

There is a 3 strike rule in place for not adhering to the recycling systems which will result in the loss of your bond and potentially you being shut down:

  1. Greenbox Trader Liaison warning
  2. Trader Manager warning
  3. Trader Manager shut down

The recycling team will do everything they can to help you make it easy so this will only apply to people who really don’t make the effort!

Please note:

You need to send us your bank details promptly after the event so that we can refund your bond. We do not keep details on file so all traders are required to provide these by completing the form which we send out following the show. Trader bonds cannot be carried across to use in future events. Please ensure you have reconciled your accounts with us by 30th November when our accounts close.


Martin Venning and Jodie Tellam


You can reach the trader managers by texting them with your name, stall name, followed by your question / query and they will come back to you as soon as possible. Please remember Monday – Thursday pre-show is particularly busy and they will come back to you on a priority basis. We will provide this mobile number to you when you arrive on site.



Our food safety advisor will be visiting you all to assess your H&S documentation, stall set up and readiness to open. He will also be conducting food safety spot checks throughout the weekend. He is here to help, so please feel free to ask for advice and guidance!


(Pre / post event only):
Please contact Sarah Mason (Concessions Manager) and Andrew Lucas (Event Production Assistant) on or 0117 403 1428

We operate a comprehensive on site recycling system that aims to recycle 100% of all recyclable waste. Greenbox, our brilliant waste team will also be on hand to help you at every stage and aim to make your lives as easy as possible.

On arrival, the Traders Team will give you a recycling guide poster for easy reference in your kitchen.

Please bring 3 bins to separate recycling in your back of house kitchen area.

If you have not ordered your own dedicated standpipe, we will ensure you are no more than 50m from a water point.

All waste-water must be disposed of in the tanks provided and should not be poured on to the ground.

We do not allow the digging of any type of sump or soak-away. If you have any problems please talk to our Trader Team.