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for joining us this year, and being with us on the journey

to more sustainable, more inspiring, more ethical food.


Please read the info here in full prior to the event:


We look forward to seeing all stall managers at the Trader Manager Meeting on Wednesday 21st August at 20:00 in the Family Cafe.



All those serving food or beverages on site, to any degree, will be checked by our safety team via the Readiness to Open procedure.

⌚️ Please allow 10-15 minutes per check.

1️⃣ Priority for checks will be given to campsite facing traders and to those with whom we have an established trading relationship in order to make the check process as efficient as possible. 

2️⃣ If someone arrives to conduct a check and for whatever reason you are not ready, you will have to wait until all other site checks are completed before we can come back to you.  

3️⃣ This is likely to be after show open, meaning you may lose some trading time. 

4️⃣ You must ensure that the safety documents uploaded to your Eventree application form are up to date and current at the time of the event. You can log in to your Eventree account and update these at any time. 

5️⃣ Local Northamptonshire Environmental Health Officers routinely visit site inspecting catering outlets. Their inspections are separate and do not form part of the Readiness to Open procedure. 

6️⃣ You cannot begin to trade until you have received a signature from the Trader Manager in the yellow box. Traders will receive a signature for each check on their Readiness to Open Checklist.

Checks are carried out by various specialists employed by the festival using a red / amber / green system.

  • 🔴 On arrival everyone will be on red until checks on finished installations are possible.
  • 🟡 Where you need to undertake remedial work then you will be given an amber signature. Amber is normally given for a simple administrative failure and will not necessarily stop you from trading. A further check will be scheduled for later on Thursday. You must pass this subsequent check else you will be required to cease trading until a green pass can be achieved.
  • 🟢 Traders must achieve a green pass for each check in order to trade at Shambala.

🚦 The following items are red fail items and you will not be allowed to trade until our staff are satisfied that remedial work, repairs, or replacements are suitably completed and you receive a green pass.

  • All appliances must be for professional use with integrated flame failure devices. No camping stoves are permitted on stalls (
  • Appliances and/or installations shall be accompanied by a formal certificate of inspection or test by a Gas Safe engineer who is qualified and competent to inspect Commercial LPG appliances.
  • Jubilee or worm-drive connection fasteners are not permitted.
  • LPG must be stored and secured upright, external to the stall unless in a special ventilated cabinet.
  • Only one cylinder in use and one spare LPG cylinder may be stored at the pitch at any one time.
  • Hoses and pipework should be as short as possible and in good condition.
  • Installations shall be checked onsite by Shambala’s gas safety engineer and he may require you to replace certain components if they do not meet current LPG Association/GasSafe guidance. This will be completed after he has undertaken all other trader checks which may be when the event is in progress.
  • All traders should have fire extinguishers appropriate to the size and scale of their operation. Extinguishers must have been formally tested within the last 12 months and seals must be intact.
  • A fire blanket is recommended for all users.
  • A Wet Chemical extinguisher is required wherever there is deep fat frying (6 litre).
  • A CO2 extinguisher is required where you have electrical appliances (2kg).
  • A foam or water extinguisher (6 litre) for all waste or other circumstances. Note that foam extinguishers are not the same as the Wet chemical type. Water Mist extinguishers are also available and can replace water and wet chemical types.
  • A powder extinguisher (6litre) for use on gas. Note that powder extinguishers are very messy and while the only type approved for use on flammable gases, should not be used in a cooking area. If a gas appliance is on fire then you should isolate the gas. Keep powder extinguishers outside the cooking or prep area so they can be used on external cylinders.
  • All appliances should have been subject to a formal inspection or test in the last 12 months.
  • Appliances that show signs of damage may be rejected for use.
  • All installation circuits should be protected by a residual current device (RCD) at the point of supply.
  • Site electricians may refuse to supply power where they believe an installation or appliance is unsafe.
  • All food handlers must have access to warm or hot water, and soap using a dedicated sink or handwash appliance.
  • All food should be stored properly and cooked food maintained at the correct temperature and records kept throughout the event. Spot checks may be undertaken.
  • Flooring should be non-slip and washable.
  • All surfaces should be suitable for wiping down and disinfecting.
  • Further advice on suitable cleaning products is available from the trader management team.
  • It is expected that all traders shall have their own first aid kit for dealing with minor ‘kitchen’ injuries. Supplies in these kits should be within their printed expiration date.
  • Any staff suffering from any illness (particularly D&V) must not work in any food handling area.
  • The onsite medical team will of course be available to treat any injuries or illness.
  • “Bagasse” / plant-fibre serve ware only to be used – labelled “home compostable”.
  • Please use Bio-Pak here or via the Recommended Suppliers to order – they are a B-Corp.
  • No “bioplastic” straws, dip pots or lids.
  • Nothing “compostable” or “biodegradable” as these are technically a greenwash withouot industrial processing.
  • Our food waste + serve ware go to a local farm and so cannot contain any sorts of petroleum or bio plastics.
  • Read more on the truth about serve ware here: City to Sea: takeaway package guidance.


Please ensure you meet all the food standard and serveware criteria outlined below.

Our sustainability team will check this as part of your Readiness to Open check. Should you not meet the required standards, we will be unable to permit you to open and trade with us at this event.

If you have any queries and concerns when purchasing produce and stock prior to the event, please contact our sustainability team for advice:

To help you source suitable produce (90% of you do! Thank you!) please check out our amazing, ethical-and-local-as-possible Recommended Suppliers List below – and don’t forget we have a Refill Van for grins, dry good and cleaning products PLUS fruit and veg on site!!


We send our food waste to a local farm for composting, so it is essential to follow this guidance and avoid letting any “bioplastics” or any “eco” serveware into the waste streams.

If you have any queries about whether you are using the correct materials you can contact

Learn more about Serveware and Packaging, and the greenwashing that’s going on about compostable and biodegradable: City to Sea: Packaging Guidance.


⚠️ We are dairy milk free in drinks, and moving that way for food.

So please:

  1. No dairy milk to be used in drinks.
  2. Only oat milk is permitted in hot drinks –
    • Specifically you must order from our wholesaler Wild & Furrow to avoid TetraPak waste.
    • For guidance on ordering, see “Recommended Suppliers”. Wild & Furrow will also be in touch.
  3. Gluten-free options are permissible.
    • Soya milk must be sourced from within the EU and be organic.
    • No almond nut milk or hazelnut milk.
  4. Please use organic milk in recipes.
  5. Please use organic cheeses (we know there are some rare cheese exceptions, currently).

⚠️ We are 100% disposable mug and cup free (for hot and cold beverages).

Customers are advised to bring their own mugs for hot drinks. Wash stations are throughout the arena for customers. Traders are not responsible for cleaning cups and should not serve and handle dirty cups. Traders can also:

  1. Bring their own reusable cup stock to sell.
  2. Operate their own reusable cup scheme in the vicinity of their café e.g. ceramic cups with a deposit whilst in use.
  3. Use Shambala’s “Sale & Return” cup stock to sell at their stall. Please note that there is a site-wide price for the sake of this stock with no mark up available for traders.


Please register your interest in purchasing Shambala “Sale & Return” Stock Here.

⚠️ We are 100% single-use, plastic-free:

We eliminated single-use water bottles from our events in 2013.

❌ No plastic bottles of water, or any beverage to be sold.

❌ No plastic disposables of any kind – stirrers, lids, sachets etc.

✅ Please remember to Bring a Bottle for water and remind your staff / crew to do the same.


Every year we put together a list of recommended suppliers. We’ve worked HARD on the MOST ethical suppliers. Pleeeease check them out, for people, planet and your plates.  

There are fantastic independent producers that our combined buying power supports, as well as responsible companies that meet our environmental criteria. If you gave consent in the application process, these recommended suppliers may reach out to you over the coming months to discuss any orders.   


We have the opportunity to vote with our money, avoiding the 10 biggest companies that own all food corporations, and big supermarkets crushing small producers and creating poor standards of animal welfare, environmental protection and workers rights.


We gifted everyone a free business membership this year! It’s amaaazing. Please do use it to avoid dastardly companies. ….


Password: Shambala2024


Last year, your AMAZING help contributing your menu carbon calculations, and your dishes-sold data helped us calculate the entire impact of our Crew and Trader food!

kgs CO2 equivalent per dish

0.54 kgs CO2e per dish is nearly within the WWF’s One Planet Plate directive (which says that each full sized meal should be no more than 0.5 kg CO2e to keep the global warming challenge manageable OPP).  

Measuring and communicating the impact of each dish at the festival will help us continue our food impact awareness and will empower customers to make impact a consideration at the point of purchase.

How we will measure together?


All traders at Shambala must include these meal options on their menu:

● A hot, main meal option for an adult priced at £7 or less 

● A hot, main meal option for a child priced at £4.50 or less 

This is an important and compulsory part of trading with us at Shambala. Please display these options prominently on your menu boards.

We have the pleasure of learning about your business when we receive your application to trade, so we know how brilliant you are; independent businesses, paying your staff a living wage, carefully selecting your produce and suppliers, operating to strict ethical and environmental policies and creating wonderful food stories and wonderful food!

We would now like you to SHOUT to our audience about these things using your menu boards!

Here is a list of the essential things and recommended things you should include on your menu boards:


“As a nut allergy sufferer, this was a painful festival to attend. There were only a handful of stalls which could serve me. I was completely denied any service at all by one stall after I told them about my allergy. I said “fine, I won’t eat, but can I still have the tea?” They told me “no”!  I’ve never felt discriminated because of my allergy before but denying me a cup of tea because of it felt pretty shitty.”

“With an allergy to mushrooms I could barely eat at any venues”

Helpful resources: Food Allergy and Intolerances NCASS Allergen Toolkit (Free PDF Download)


Under 18s make up 16% of our total capacity on site. Recently, parents rated the food on offer to children at Shambala 2019 and Shambino 2021 as ‘Poor’. When trading with us you are obliged to provide a child’s meal portion for £4.50. Meat and fish free menus are undoubtedly more complex and not as accessible and appealing to children, so when meeting this criteria we’d really like you to consider if you could to do any of the following:

If you already do all of the above and more, please use your provenance boards to shout about your kid’s menu to the families on site.


We require traders to support us in delivering this event by providing a very limited number of meals in return for a meal voucher set at a standard redemption rate. It is a condition of your trade to accept these vouchers and as they can be used at all stalls on site, we anticipate the number each individual stall will receive will be mangable.

A meal voucher can be exchanged for any main meal from your menu. You do not have to provide a drink.

PLEASE NOTE: Top-up payments should never be required, one voucher = one main meal.

At Shambala 2024 traders may receive Crew Vouchers and Performer Vouchers.

If you have any concerns about these vouchers please speak to the Trader Managers on site. Failure to contact the management team or deliver this scheme as outlined here will affect your ongoing trade with us.

Meal vouchers for Crew and Performers

Shambala issues approximately 3000 meal vouchers to hard working volunteers, performers and crew at the festival. This does not replace crew catering.

  •  The Performer and Crew Meal vouchers allow the holder to choose any main meal option from your menu in exchange for the voucher.
  • The voucher-holder should not have to pay any additional amount on top for their meal.
  • We do not expect you to provide a drink with the meal.

We ask you to provide these meals for us at cost price i.e. not your menu sales price.

Each voucher has a value of £6.50 ex VAT to cover the cost price of the food.

You can submit these vouchers to our audit team on Monday and issue a post event invoice for payment. You will then receive a payment within 14 days.  

Redeeming your vouchers:

Our audit team will visit your stall on Monday to receive your vouchers and will provide a receipt for you to invoice against. Please make invoices out to:

💌 Kambe Events Ltd, 34 Portland Square, Bristol,BS2 8RG


All traders are asked to accept both cash and card payments at Shambala. There are cash points for customer use on site and traders can pre-arrange banking and float from our onsite banking service listed in the Recommended Suppliers List.

Shambala will provide a dedicated network for your card payment devices across site and this cost is split equally between every single concession user on site. All stalls contribute to the cost of this infrastructure.


  1. Bring your POS devices to the onsite trader meeting where our WIFI team will be on hand to manually authorise your devices (there will be no Trader WIFI password at Shambala this year!)
  2. Position your card device at the front of your stall
  3. If your till is at the back or you have a metal structure, contact with an updated stall layout diagram that features your till position.


We will only be providing internet at 5GHz in 2024. There will be no support for 2.4 GHz devices. (5GHz is an operating frequency for devices and is not the same 3G / 4G / 5G signal reception)

We will be delivering the network at this technical standard: 802.11n /  802.11ac / 802.11ax so if your device lists any of these 3 standards or combinations of, then it should be OK. You may see them referred to by the more friendly WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 names. 


  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • ‘About my phone / device’

2. Search your device specification online

3. Look in the ‘Comms’ or ‘Mobile and Wireless’ sections or similar.


If you are struggling – you can hire a till device from Event Till who are on our Recommended Suppliers list.

If you do have any issues on site, please speak to the trader team who will get assistance for you.



Shambala uses 100% recycled HVO fuel. This is more expensive to use, but the festival heavily subsidises this cost to provide traders with power at the price of using standard diesel.

We charge for power post upfront based on connection type. It is essential that you let us know exactly what you are going to be plugging in at Shambala 2024 by completing the Power Requirement Form. This is so that we can accurately calculate the loads to our site generators and will allow to continue on our journey to reduce overall event power and to ensure that Shambala is powered with 100% green fuel.



Many people use either 2 x 500w lights or 1 x 1W light to light the front and/or back of house area of their stall. Over an hour it consumes 1kW of power, therefore it uses 1kWhr. Assuming it is left on much of the time, (which is quite common) and you run it for 4.5 days or 108 hours, that one light will consume 108kWhr or power (average total power was 140kw in 2019!)


Replace the 2 x 500 w bulbs with 2 x 50w L:EDs = 100w and we can reduce the overall power consumption to just 10.8kWH.




  1. Heating and cooling are the main energy draws in a kitchen. Consider whether you and your staff are using your appliances efficiently?
  2. Look at the energy rating scale when hiring / buying new appliances
  3. Check your refrigeration temperature. If it’s set too low, you are wasting energy trying to chill it.
  4. Consider hot water useage. Is it really necessary to have continuous hot water? The amount of energy used to boil water is directly proportional to the quantity of water i.e. boiling 5 cups uses 5 times the energy of boiling one cup.
  5. If you use a Burco type boiler, remember to switch it off at night or before your evening wash dow


⚡️ For more information and guidance about managing you power pleasr check out Powerful Thinking.

⚡️ Check out the Energy Fact Sheets for more advice:

#1 – Sustainable Energy Tips for Traders

#19 – Energy Requirements for Concessions


Shambala strive to find amazing independent producers and suppliers that can supply goods that meet our sustainability and environmental procurement criteria or that are directly useful to your trade, and who can either deliver to site or can make goods to order especially for this event. Many of these producers are regenerative, ethical, and independent and many are local to site, allowing great flexibility on delivery.

Many suppliers have deadlines for pre-order as they make goods especially for our event so please check the Recommended Suppliers List 2024 as soon as possible.

We have a small wholesale area on site, as well as other suppliers who trade at the festival. Please support these amazing suppliers with your procurement where you can:

Refill Revolution 

Refill Revolution is a zero waste shop based in Market Harborough and a mobile shop – and Beth will be bringing Rita the Refill Roadster.!! They offer a carefully sourced range of:

♻️ dry foods (grains, beans, oats, seeds – everything really!),
♻️ dry fruits and nuts – yum!
♻️ tins of things
♻️ cleaning products but always ethical, 
♻️ plastic-free foods (think crisps and choc snacks) and liquids. 

Their dry foods and liquids are available to buy by weight, cheaply – straight into your own containers! 

If there is any particular line you would like to procure from Refill, please reach out to Beth on to discuss.​

Here is some idea of their products and costs: Refill menu.


Colombian Coffee Company is the ethical offering of Colombian Eduardo Florez, bringing wholesale single-orgin ethical coffee to traders. They provide authentic Colombian coffee beans that have a positive impact on the farmers and communities that grew them, going beyond Fairtrade to promote ethical sourcing, biodiversity and sustainability. Purchasing from Colombian Coffee Co makes a difference and changes lives.


Olivier’s Bakery trade at Shambala but provide wholesale orders of pastries and breads for traders. They deliver fresh every morning to site. Please see the Rec Suppliers List for order details.

Everything they bake embodies ourtheir passion for traditional artisan methods, respect for organic local produce and a patience-driven approach to delicious food. Olivier’s breads and pastries are hand-crafted, baked daily at sunrise using sourced stone-ground flours from local mills.


Matter are on a mission to bring good, honest, healthy food to the people, and make organic whole foods accessible to everyone. They are committed to sourcing all of our organic produce as locally as possible. By supporting local growers and businesses, they aim to contribute to the local economy, benefiting the environment, health, and happiness. Keeping prices affordable, they hope to help change the way people perceive and prioritise organically produced food.

Come visit Matter in the Wholesale Trader’s Area, to meet Jon and the team, and get some delicious items for your businesses. They look forward to meeting you!


We want to celebrate you, your food and all the positive things you do to make your operation more sustainable! Award winners will receive a guaranteed pitch at Shambala 2024, a 10% reduction in pitch fee, a feature in our 2024 programme and coverage on our website and social media platforms.


We’re looking for traders who are making efforts to create positive social and environmental change, inspire their customers to take positive action or are building strong relationships with their food producers and growers. Make sure your crew are well informed about your business, so that they can talk to us on your behalf if you happen to be out when we come to talk to you!