Big news, Shambalans!

On the fourth Thursday of every month, we’ll be releasing a brand new podcast episode, bringing you a selection of the finest of wise words, revolutionary ideasĀ and beautiful stories, on topics like karma, love, death, epiphanies, activism and psychedelics – all recorded on site under the canopies of the Shambala festival.

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Episode One: Adventures in Dystopia: Documentary film maker James Jones takes us on a 15 minute audio-journey through his travels to North Korea, the Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and inside The Phillipines’ ongoing drugs war – all places where a fear of ‘the other’ has been used to incite hate. A sombre start, but if we’re to build utopia, it’s helpful to understand what dystopia looks like.

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The Shambala Speaks podcast is lovingly produced by Melissa Kidd and Events in Sound.