Big news, Shambalans!

On the fourth Thursday of every month, we’ll be releasing a brand new podcast episode, bringing you a selection of the finest of wise words, revolutionary ideas and beautiful stories, on topics like karma, love, death, epiphanies, activism and psychedelics – all recorded on site under the canopies of the Shambala festival.

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Episode One: Adventures in Dystopia: Documentary film maker James Jones takes us on a 15 minute audio-journey through his travels to North Korea, the Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and inside The Phillipines’ ongoing drugs war – all places where a fear of ‘the other’ has been used to incite hate. A sombre start, but if we’re to build utopia, it’s helpful to understand what dystopia looks like.

Episode Two: ‘The Year of Psychedelics’. 2018 is the year that psychedelics went mainstream, yet our native ‘magic’ mushrooms are steeped in mystery. Dr. Andy Letcher takes us on an audio journey that ends with some pretty interesting ideas on how psychedelics could guide us out of the global climate crisis.

Episode Three: ‘The Founder of Carbon Neutral’. Who knew that the history of carbon offsetting was so rock and roll? In Episode 3, Dan Morrell, the founder of Carbon Neutral tells his story – from a wild night out with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to a terrifying car accident, a near death experience and a talking healing tree. Throw in Joe Strummer, Damien Hirst and a little pet shop in Castle Cary and you have one helluva tale. Buckle up!

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The Shambala Speaks podcast is lovingly produced by Melissa Kidd and Events in Sound.