Shambala is committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible – it’s in our DNA – and our green credentials are considered pioneering, Europe-wide. We have reduced the carbon footprint of the festival by over 80%, achieved 100% renewable power, become meat and fish free and eradicated disposable plastics. But we need your help to completely design out waste. Read on to see what we’re doing, why, and how you are very much part of the picture!


Shambala is powered by 100% renewable energy. We use a mix of waste vegetable oil generators, solar, and hybrid units. We have also reduced …

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Over 90% of Shambala’s emissions come from travel & transport. We’re determined to reduce this. Our overall long-term aim is to minimise and where …

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Meat and Fish Free In 2016, we went meat and fish free to spark the conversation about how our diet shapes the world around …

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