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Shambala 2022: The Official Aftermovie

Popcorn at the ready! Make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a glass of something delicious, gather your Shambala clan and crank that volume UP. If

Ticket To Jam @ Shambala 2022

This summer we were joined in the fields by the lovely lot from Ticket to Jam, who recorded some super special live sessions for us


Big, green things have been happening behind the scenes at Shambala HQ. We’ve been beavering away on a seriously ambitious 5 Year Sustainability Strategy,

Shambino 2021: Official Aftermovie

We’re very proud to present the Shambino aftermovie, from the clever folks at Trago Studio! If you joined us for our dinky distillation of

The Aftermovie That Wasn’t

Remember this? We didn’t get to put out an aftermovie in 2020 for obvious reasons. Instead, our trusty video team went digging through our

Green Events & Innovation Conference: Shambala’s Green Initiatives 

Back in August, on site at Shambino (our scaled back mini-Shambala, our Sustainability team put together a little video, picking the brains of some

Shambala 2019: The Official Movie

Music: “Turn Up The Music” K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade & “Tinambanyi (Here We Come!)” Wiyaala Cameras & edit: Trago Studio From dancing dino-crabs

Shambala 2018: The Official Movie

We enjoyed getting deliciously weird with this one – it’s our homage to those obscure little reminders of Shambala, that catch our eye in

2017: Adventures In Playtopia

Families have always been an essential part of what makes Shambala so Shambala-y. Check out this lovely little video recap of what our littlest

Shambala 2017: The Official Movie

Here it is – a three minute burst of Summer nostalgia for your chilly, Winter-weary eyes and ears. Get comfy and crank that sound

Adventures In Utopia: Cut The Bull

Off the back of our meat and fish free initiative, we talked to foodies, experts and activists on site at Shambala 2016, to pick

Shambala 2017: A taste of what’s to come

Pootle around the site, see if you can spot yourself or your pals, and do try not to bang your head or trip over

Shambala 2016 The Official Movie

Big news, Shambalans! The official 2016 movie has landed and what an absolute belter it is! Get comfy, crank that sound right up and

Shambala 2015 The Official Movie

Shambalans, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Our official 2015 Movie is ready to be premiered! This year, our video is a tribute to Shambalans – YOU LOT – the wonderful people who make the festival what it is.

Shambala 2014 The Official Movie

Watch all our movies past and present

Shambala 2013 The Official Movie

Shambala 2012 The Official Movie

Shambala 2011 The Official Movie

30 People / 1 Question

At this year’s Shambala, we asked 30 people three important questions. This gorgeous little video reveals the answers to the first question we posed:

We are Family